Bridging Excellence: Exploring Germany’s Pioneering Professional Services Startups

Discover the Dynamic Landscape of Innovation and Expertise

Germany’s startup ecosystem is teeming with ingenious startups that are reshaping the professional services landscape. From revolutionizing work management to redefining consultancy, these 15 startups are driving change through their innovative approaches. Join us as we dive into the world of Professional Services startups that are pushing boundaries and bringing fresh perspectives to various industries.

Awork: Mastering Work Management for Creative Teams

Website: awork

Awork introduces a comprehensive work management tool designed for creative teams. Co-founded by Lucas Bauche, Nils Czernig, and Tobias Hagenau, Awork enhances project management and task coordination, promoting seamless collaboration in creative endeavors.

White Label Advisory: Pioneering Consultancy Services

Website: White Label Advisory

White Label Advisory emerges as Germany’s premier general contractor for consulting services. Founded by Philipp Maier and Philipp Weber, the startup revolutionizes B2B consulting, management consulting, procurement, and more, providing a holistic platform for business solutions.

VR Ventures: Fostering Innovation in Finance and Real Estate

Website: VR Ventures

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VR Ventures takes the lead in supporting startups in the financial services and real estate sectors. This innovative venture fuels business development, FinTech, and venture capital, facilitating groundbreaking growth in these industries.

Talent360: Redefining Scalable Personnel Services

Website: talent360

Talent360, a pioneering software and recruiting company, reimagines personnel services with scalable processes and rapid recruitment solutions. With their technology-driven approach, they streamline staffing and recruitment for modern organizations.

Cargoboard: Digitizing Logistics Services

Website: Cargoboard

Cargoboard disrupts the logistics industry by offering commercial shipping and logistics services online. Through digitization, they streamline freight services, catering to modern business needs in the world of shipping.

MyHelpBuddy: Empowering Community Marketplace for Personal Services

Website: MyHelpBuddy

MyHelpBuddy pioneers a trusted community marketplace for personal services. Co-founded by Aravinth Palaniswamy, Christina Papke, and Duke Tam, the startup transforms the way people access home services, promoting community engagement and convenience.

Amaze Growth: Unleashing Holistic Business Growth

Website: Amaze Growth

Amaze Growth offers agile marketing, sales, and product/service innovation strategies that foster comprehensive business growth. Founded by Simone Lafargue, the startup merges business intelligence and professional services, guiding businesses towards sustainable expansion.

Beyond Governance: Redefining Board Advisory Services

Website: Beyond Governance

Beyond Governance excels in providing board advisory, business health checks, and company secretarial services. With visionary leadership from Erika Eliasson Norris, the startup empowers companies with valuable insights, facilitating effective corporate governance.

The Morph Company: Nurturing Sustainable Innovation

Website: The Morph Company

The Morph Company specializes in consulting and corporate training, fostering sustainable, impact-driven innovation. Through their expertise, they assist organizations in embracing innovation while maintaining their core values.

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Phntm: Crafting Digital Experiences for Business

Website: Phntm

Phntm focuses on creating exceptional digital experiences and products that elevate businesses. With their innovative approach, they enable businesses to thrive in the digital landscape, driving growth and success.

Global Climate: Realizing Measurable Climate Protection

Website: Global Climate

Global Climate introduces a financial data-based carbon controlling system to achieve tangible climate protection. Founder Altan Gunsoy spearheads the startup’s mission to align financial practices with environmental responsibility.

We Connect Arts: Elevating Branding and Digital Marketing

Website: We Connect Arts

We Connect Arts offers a comprehensive suite of branding, digital marketing, and design services. By merging creativity with technology, the startup enhances online presence and engagement for businesses.

Baruschke!Zimmermann: Transforming Organizational Development

Website: Baruschke!Zimmermann

Baruschke!Zimmermann delivers organizational development, strategy consulting, and coaching services. Through their expertise, they empower companies and individuals to reach their full potential.

CHARGE-V: Engineering Excellence in Diverse Industries

Website: CHARGE-V

CHARGE-V specializes in engineering services across automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, environmental technology, and telecommunications sectors. With their versatile approach, they contribute to the advancement of diverse industries.

MEplace: Revolutionizing Children’s Wellbeing and Education

Website: MEplace

MEplace pioneers a novel approach to children’s wellbeing and preschool education. Founder Vlada Bell envisions a future where children thrive in a holistic and nurturing environment.


Germany’s startup landscape is a hotbed of innovation, exemplified by these 15 Professional Services startups. As they continue to redefine industries, these startups showcase the power of blending technology and expertise to create impactful solutions. With their pioneering spirit, they leave an indelible mark on the professional services realm, driving progress and fostering innovation across various sectors.

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