Innovation Canvas: Exploring the Art-Tech Fusion in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

A Showcase of 15 Intriguing Startups Where Art and Technology Converge

The province of Noord-Holland, Netherlands, has emerged as a dynamic hub for startups that seamlessly blend art and technology. From AI-powered fashion models to cutting-edge health monitoring, these 15 startups are breaking new ground and reshaping industries by marrying creativity with innovation. Join us on a journey through the captivating realm where imagination and technology unite.

Sentinels: The Guardians of Financial Intelligence

Website: Sentinels

Sentinels, powered by AI, is redefining transaction monitoring in the financial world. Founded by Joost van Houten, the startup leverages artificial intelligence to ensure secure and transparent financial transactions, bridging the gap between technology and financial services.

Clear: Pioneering Personalized Health Monitoring

Website: Clear

Clear, a brainchild of Madelon Bracke and Piet Hein van Dam, revolutionizes healthcare with real-time blood glucose monitoring using AI. Their chip-implanted arm patch and app duo epitomize the seamless convergence of artificial intelligence and personal wellness.

Ludimos: AI-Enhanced Cricket Player Development

Website: Ludimos

Ludimos, co-founded by Madan Raj Rajagopal and Said Zadou, maximizes cricket player development through AI. By analyzing performance data, Ludimos empowers players and coaches with insights that drive skill enhancement in the world of sports.

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Hypherdata: Empowering Life Sciences with Data

Website: Hypherdata

Hypherdata, initiated by Jana Miniarikova, Mehrzad Karami, and Sjoerd Geurts, introduces a B2B closed data marketplace for life sciences. By confidentially connecting health data providers and AI services, the startup catalyzes advancements in health diagnostics and machine learning. Revolutionizing Market Research

Website:, a brainchild of Harish Kumar and Vinita Singh, reshapes market research and content creation using advanced AI algorithms. Their innovation empowers founders, marketers, and content creators by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

SurveyAuto: Satellite-Powered Analytics

Website: SurveyAuto

Founded by Umar Saif, SurveyAuto pioneers satellite-powered analytics by utilizing machine learning on satellite imagery. The startup accurately identifies survey targets and enables real-time tracking of enumerators, merging technology and analytics.

Clappform: Unleashing AI-Powered Solutions

Website: Clappform

Diego Tolen and Tom Griffioen lead Clappform, an AI SaaS company that drives innovation across industries. Their applications redefine business operations, showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in streamlining processes.

Tailo: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Website: Tailo

Tailo, with its conversational intelligence platform, transforms customer interactions for organizations. The startup, under visionary leadership, brings a novel dimension to business intelligence and customer engagement.

Emerging Horizons: Navigating Future Technologies

Website: Emerging Horizons

Olivier Rikken, at the helm of Emerging Horizons, prepares companies for upcoming technologies. The startup, with a focus on AI, big data, and blockchain, ensures businesses remain at the forefront of technological evolution.

Quantamix Solutions: Redefining Content Automation

Website: Quantamix Solutions

Harish Kumar leads Quantamix Solutions, which specializes in AI-driven content automation software. The startup empowers founders, marketers, and copywriters by automating content creation processes.

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wedoido: Crafting Perfect Weddings with AI

Website: wedoido

wedoido redefines wedding planning with artificial intelligence, allowing couples to create their dream weddings effortlessly. Through smart technology, the startup brings innovation to the wedding industry.

Creakist: Curating Creativity

Website: Creakist

Creakist offers art enthusiasts a haven for creativity, curating a collection of stickers, journals, and more. Stephanie M. brings the world of art and e-commerce together in a unique way.

Lalaland: AI-Driven Fashion Diversity

Website: Lalaland

Lalaland’s founders Harold Smeeman, Michael Musandu, and Ugnius Rimsa redefine fashion with AI-powered models. The startup’s inclusive approach caters to diverse sizes and skin tones, pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Jonn Designs: Elevating Graphic Design

Website: Jonn Designs

Jonn Designs brings innovation to graphic design and home decor through its e-commerce platform. By combining art and technology, the startup enhances aesthetic expressions.

Amazonkoopjes: AI-Driven Price Comparisons

Website: Amazonkoopjes

Amazonkoopjes utilizes AI for price comparison, simplifying the shopping experience for consumers. Through their technology-driven approach, the startup streamlines the decision-making process.


The startup ecosystem in Noord-Holland showcases the harmonious coexistence of art and technology. These 15 startups exemplify how innovation can seamlessly blend these seemingly disparate worlds, offering new perspectives, solutions, and experiences that challenge the boundaries of creativity and advancement. As these startups continue to evolve and inspire, Noord-Holland’s reputation as a breeding ground for art-tech innovation is solidified.

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