Is Independent Strategy the Key to High-Performance Management Consulting?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Akeance Consulting, formed from leaders of large consulting agencies, focuses on providing high-quality, independent consulting services for companies worldwide.
  • Its independence from IT solution publishers and auditing networks allows for unbiased, client-focused strategies.
  • First made name in banking, insurance, and real estate consulting, the Paris-based startup continues to expand.
  • Akeance Consulting’s team brings together operational environment know-how and expertise from consulting groups, forming a unique and effective combination for clients.
  • As the company maintains a solid growth trajectory of over 20% annually, it’s worth watching within the management consulting sector.


Akeance Consulting, based in Paris, France, is a management consulting start-up unique with an independent strategy that cements its place within the industry. Founded in 2004, this company emerged from the ambitions and expertise of executives from well-known consulting firms such as Peat Marwick, McKinsey, Gemini Consulting, Ineum, and Ernst & Young Consulting.

Akeance Consulting stands out with its commitment to deliver quality, independent consulting services, unhindered by allegiances with IT solution publishers or auditing networks. Distinctively, the company’s shareholders are exclusively its founding directors, ensuring decisions are made without compromising the startup’s guiding principles and vision.

What differentiates the startup:

Akeance Consulting, from its inception, has catered successfully to sectors such as banking, insurance, and real estate consulting. However, it’s the company’s agility and vision that have allowed expansion into consultation services for financial departments of industrial and service groups. This breadth of service points to an organizational versatility that is a hallmark of leading consulting firms.

More than this, Akeance’s unique value proposition lies in the blend of its teams’ experiences. Akeance has about sixty professionals on board, each bringing a unique perspective through their wealth of experience in both an operational environment and consulting groups. This diversity allows for comprehensive approaches to problem-solving and offers clients a variety of perspectives when considering strategic moves.

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Conclusion – The Future of the Startup and the Industry:

With a yearly growth rate of over 20%, Akeance Consulting exemplifies the potential that independent initiatives have in fostering high-performance management consulting. As the industries grow and evolve, so will the demands and complexities. It’s here that Akeance’s pledge to “make simple, fast, to trust … to make the strategy of their customers operational” truly comes into its own.

Akeance’s future seems to point towards further expansion and ever-increasing relevance in a world where strategic guidance is a crucial factor in any enterprise’s success. Stay connected and updated via their Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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