Belgium’s Rising Stars in Software: 15 Exciting Startups to Watch

Belgium is a hub for innovation and technology, and the software industry is no exception. With an abundance of creative talent and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Belgian startups are shaking up industries and bringing new solutions to old problems. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 interesting software startups in Belgium and what they have to offer.

Qollabi: Business Relationship Management Software

Qollabi is a SaaS startup that provides Business Relationship Management (BRM) software for professionals managing indirect sales channels such as agents, partners, and resellers. The platform streamlines collaboration between stakeholders, simplifies complex partner programs, and provides real-time insights to help businesses make informed decisions.

Tapio: Driving Sustainable Change

Tapio is a software company on a mission to help companies transition to a low-carbon economy. Driven by climate urgency, the startup develops software that measures and reduces carbon emissions, and supports the implementation of sustainability strategies.

Unova: Blockchain-powered Supply Chain Management

Unova is a native blockchain network designed to tackle various challenges in supply chain management. The platform uses UON, a proprietary blockchain protocol, to optimize logistics, improve traceability, and enhance trust between stakeholders.

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Relu: 3D Technology for Dentistry

Relu is a startup that works with dental professionals to develop and implement 3D technology solutions. Their platform allows dentists to visualize and plan procedures with precision, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Penbox: Information Gathering Made Simple

Penbox is a software company that simplifies the process of gathering information and documents from individuals. The platform streamlines the collection of data for insurance, banking, and other industries, making the process faster, more accurate, and more secure.

AiVidens: Predictive Cash and Risk Management

AiVidens is an AI-powered software startup that provides predictive cash and risk management solutions. Their platform uses machine learning algorithms to help businesses make data-driven decisions and mitigate financial risks.

Virto Solar: Advanced Applications for Solar Energy Systems

Virto Solar is a software company that develops advanced web and CAD applications for solar energy systems. Their software, including the renowned AutoCAD plugin, helps engineers and architects design, optimize and visualize solar energy projects.

Novutech: NetSuite Implementation and Optimization

Novutech is a fast-growing startup in Brussels that is 100% dedicated to the implementation, optimization, and support of NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP system. Their platform helps businesses streamline their accounting, finance, and supply chain operations.

Calypsus: Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Calypsus is a software startup that specializes in SaaS, analytics, reporting, business intelligence, and web analytics services. Their platform helps businesses collect, analyze and visualize data to make informed decisions.

Cubitec: Agile Software Development

Cubitec is an agile software development agency that develops tailor-made software solutions. Their platform helps businesses improve their operations and stay ahead of the competition with custom software that meets their specific needs.

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Aqvita: At-home Water Purification

Aqvita is a software company that develops technologies for at-home water purification. Their platform allows consumers to make mineral and functional waters at home, reducing waste and improving health.

Zabun: CRM and Marketing Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Zabun is a software startup that develops CRM and customized websites, and offers sales and marketing tools for real estate professionals. Their platform helps real estate agents manage their clients, properties, and sales processes more efficiently.

huapii: Human Resources Software

huapii is a software company that provides human resources solutions for businesses. Their platform helps organizations shape their future and empower their people with data-driven HR solutions.

The Grain: Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

The Grain is a software firm that specializes in artificial intelligence, database, machine learning, and data analytics solutions. Their platform helps businesses transform their data into actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Hylyght: Tools for Sports Screening and Talent Identification

Hylyght is a software company that provides tools for sports screening, talent identification, and injury prevention. Their platform helps coaches and sports organizations analyze player performance data, identify talent, and reduce the risk of injury.


These 15 startups are just a few of the many innovative software companies based in Belgium. Each of these startups offers unique solutions to a variety of industries, demonstrating the versatility and creativity of Belgian entrepreneurs. As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly make a significant impact on their respective industries, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

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