Is This the Ultimate Solution to Lost Property in the Sharing Economy?

    Key Takeaways:
  • FindMyLost is a pioneer in providing a fully integrated Digital Lost Property Platform.
  • The Milan-based start-up serves multiple sectors including airlines, municipalities, universities and more.
  • The platform uses a community-based system to reunite lost items with their rightful owners.
  • FindMyLost offers additional value-added customer care services for businesses.
  • The company aims to disrupt the Lost & Found solutions ecosystem.

Ever lost an item and even after days of searching you couldn’t quite place where you left it? The experience of losing personal belongings, particularly in large establishments and public spaces, can be incredibly frustrating. As we immerse ourselves more into the sharing economy where everything from cars, bikes, vacation homes are shared, the risk of losing personal belongings likewise increases. This has created a visible gap in the market. One start-up stepping up to meet this need is FindMyLost, which hails from Milan, Italy.

Launched by Elena Bellacicca, Federico Pedinelli, and Roberto Vergani, FindMyLost presents a unique solution to lost properties across a diverse range of situations and places. The platform essentially is the digital tool assisting not only consumers but also businesses, facilitating the entire Lost & Found process, making it more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved.

The start-up stands out by providing an entirely integrated service that no other company currently offers in the market. Enterprises across various sectors – airlines, municipalities, transport companies, universities, events, gyms and more, can benefit from FindMyLost’s sophisticated platform. Not only can businesses conveniently manage their Lost & Found services with FML, but they can also take advantage of the numerous value-added customer care services offered by the platform.

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Another unique feature is that the platform leverages its community to bring lost items back to their rightful owners. After someone finds a lost item, they can get in direct contact with the person who lost it, potentially even receiving a reward. It’s a win-win situation that heightens community spirit and ingrains a culture of helping one another.

The future is promising for FindMyLost as they pledge to disrupt the Lost & Found solutions industry. They are certainly raising the bar higher for customer service regarding lost properties in businesses across a plethora of industries. By tapping into the core values of the sharing economy, namely, trust, collaborative consumption, and community, they hope to significantly improve the frustrating experience of losing and finding items.

As the world continues to adopt sharing economies more and more, platforms like FindMyLost become vital, catching up with this trend will enable businesses to enjoy the trust and loyalty of their customers. Be sure to follow FindMyLost’s journey on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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