Is Nanotechnology the Key to More Efficient and Sustainable Energy Conversion?

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Key Takeaways:

  • NAWA Technologies, a French SME, uses nanotechnology to create efficient and sustainable energy conversion solutions.
  • The startup’s main innovation is the Ultra Fast Carbon Battery Technology that improves energy storage and transport, using carbon as a primary material.
  • NAWA Technologies stands out in the clean tech and nanotechnology industry for its commitment to minimize environmental impact and enhance lifecycle sustainability of its products.


Considering the urgent need to transition towards more sustainable forms of energy, innovations in energy storage and conversion are much needed. One startup making strides in this arena is French SME, NAWA Technologies. Located in Rousset, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France, NAWA Technologies is harnessing the power of nanotechnology to answer this pressing question: Can nanotechnology be the key to more efficient and sustainable energy conversion?

Founded in 2013 by Ludovic Eveillard and Pascal Boulanger, NAWA Technologies has developed the Ultra Fast Carbon Battery Technology. Over the years, the startup’s team of 24 employees has contributed towards bringing the vision of developing efficient technology for energy transition to life. They aim to improve energy conversion, storage, and transport while ensuring the material of choice — carbon, is accessible, abundant, and naturally occurring.

What sets NAWA Apart:

NAWA Technologies differentiates itself through a distinctive orientation towards environmental sustainability. The company focuses on minimizing the environmental impact generated by its manufacturing processes and improving the life-cycle of its products – a commitment that stands out in the industry. Their strategy encompasses re-using, recovering, and recycling, which is deeply embedded in its operations.

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Fueled by over 15 years of R&D work on nanomaterials, NAWA Technologies has not only created an innovative generation of ultracapacitors and batteries electrodes but also established its own pilot production line. With its ultra-fast carbon battery, the French SME has found a way to significantly increase energy storage and transport efficiency, which is economically competitive and sustainable.

Outlook and Conclusion:

NAWA Technologies has the potential to disrupt the energy sector with its innovative nanotech-based solutions. As the world shifts towards greener energy practices, there is an increased demand for such sustainable, efficient and economical energy conversion and storage technologies. In fact, NAWA’s Ultra-Fast Carbon Battery Technology could fundamentally change the way energy is stored and transported. The growing interest in nanotechnology also favors the company, as it seeks to scale and diversify its operations.

Having already established a footprint in the nanotechnology landscape, the future of NAWA Technologies looks promising. While working on their noble mission of transitioning towards sustainable energy practices, the startup invites others to join their journey. Follow them on their social platforms – website, LinkedIn.

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