Can Proptech Innovation Revolutionise Elevator Management in Real Estate Sector?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Simplifa offers an all-round service in the area of elevator management, leveraging smart building and Internet of Things technologies.
  • It deals with operational obligations such as maintenance, documentation, and repair, reducing financial and legal risks for property owners.
  • Simplifa poses as a central point of contact for owners and elevator service companies, thus eliminating information asymmetry.
  • Every elevator undergoes a technical inspection and is recorded in 360° shots, helping in quick and targeted repair in case of malfunctions.
  • Simplifa has significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs by about 30%, while maintaining quality.

The innovation brought by PropTech startups has the potential to revolutionise different facets of the real estate sector, one of which is elevator management. Elevators contribute to some of the highest costs per square feet in a property and also bring along administrative burden in case of breakdowns. This is where Simplifa, a Berlin-based startup, comes into play. Established with a vision to optimise the operational efficiency and costs associated with elevator management, Simplifa offers property owners an all-round service in this area, using smart building and Internet of Things technologies.

The startup has already made strides by managing over 1,000 elevator systems to date, bringing about massive financial savings and increasing user satisfaction in the process. Elevator downtimes can lead to rent reductions and are a significant cause of inconvenience for residents. Simplifa’s innovative solution tackles these problems and can serve as a game-changer in the real estate industry.

Simplifa stands out in many respects. Firstly, it takes care of operational obligations, thereby eliminating the need for property owners to do so and saving them from potential legal ramifications. Secondly, it breaks the information asymmetry between owners / property managers and elevator maintenance companies, promising better results at reduced costs. Lastly, what makes Simplifa unique is its approach to repairs. Each elevator undergoes a technical inspection and is recorded in 360° shots, providing a virtual “elevator twin”. It ensures quicker and more targeted repair in case of system malfunctions without the prior dispatch of a technician.

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This startup serves as a central point of contact for owners and elevator service companies, negotiating contracts and managing portfolios efficiently. Simplifa’s vision and approach have resulted in reduced operating and maintenance costs by about 30%, eliminating any compromise on quality. The startup’s unique selling proposition and unparalleled service bring it to the fore, separating it from potential competitors.

Looking ahead, Simplifa has plans for greater efficiency. The incorporation of sensor data will create a manufacturer-independent real-time analysis system for predictive maintenance. It will reduce the frequency of manual inspections of the elevators and preempt costly downtimes in advance. As the real estate market continually expands and evolves, companies like Simplifa are trailblazing a path towards more tech-based, efficient, and cost-saving solutions. The PropTech industry, therefore, appears to have a promising future, and trailblazers like Simplifa are positioned to be at the forefront of this revolution.

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