15 French Startups that are Revolutionizing Industries in 2023

Discover 15 French Startups Revolutionizing Industries in 2023

In the bustling startup scene of France, a new crop of innovative companies has emerged, disrupting industries and redefining what’s possible in the digital age. From blockchain and fintech to real estate and fashion, these 15 French startups are leading the charge in their respective fields, proving that creativity and innovation know no bounds.

Cohort.xyz: The all-in-one NFT platform made for brands and their communities

Blockchain has been all the buzz in the past year, and Cohort.xyz is at the forefront of this technology with its all-in-one NFT platform that enables brands to engage with their communities. Nathan Barraillé and Séraphie de Tracy founded the company with the aim of making blockchain more accessible and user-friendly.

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Payflows: A fintech company focused on treasury management program for businesses

Payflows is a fintech company that is revolutionizing treasury management for businesses, offering a cloud-based platform that streamlines financial operations. This startup is making waves in the fintech industry, thanks to its user-friendly interface and innovative features.

Angelaw: A contract lifecycle management (CLM) software for startups and SMBs

Angelaw is a software company that specializes in contract lifecycle management, catering to startups and SMBs. The platform streamlines the contract process, from drafting to signature, making it easier for companies to manage their contracts and reduce legal risks.

Hestia: A rental-ownership concept that collaborates with real estate agents, brokers, promoters, landowners, and investors to revolutionize access to property

Hestia is a real estate startup that has come up with a unique rental-ownership concept, collaborating with various stakeholders in the industry to make property more accessible. Adrien Péligry and Nino Spiegel founded Hestia with the aim of democratizing access to real estate and making homeownership more achievable for everyone.

eShot Labs: Delivering WEB3 x VIDEO impactful solutions with a focus on Live NFT Maker

eShot Labs is a media and entertainment startup that offers impactful solutions, with a focus on Live NFT Maker. Fergus LELEU and Jean-Baptiste Kempf founded the company with the aim of creating the first Business-Ready Live Video NFT Maker Solution, making it easier for businesses to create real-time NFTs and engage their fans.

Namla: A provider of a Cloud Edge Orchestration platform

Namla is a cloud computing startup that provides a Cloud Edge Orchestration platform, which combines Distributed Edge Orchestration, Integrated SD-WAN & Multi-Cloud Support. The platform allows companies to securely and automatically deploy edge infrastructure at scale, ensuring cloud-level performance and availability.

Stern Tech: A SaaS platform for human behavior analysis using AI and cognitive sciences

Stern Tech is a software startup that offers a revolutionary SaaS platform for human behavior analysis, using AI and cognitive sciences. Christophe Stern founded the company, and its first products include crowd analysis and eHealth mobility, which use real-time mood analysis to adapt to their users’ behavior.

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CarbonCompete: A startup that brings innovative and crucial changes to the product supply chain in favor of sustainable development

CarbonCompete is an eco-friendly startup that aims to revolutionize the product supply chain, promoting sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions. Augusto Piazza and Sundar Kannan founded the company, and it offers innovative solutions that boost competition and return on investment while reducing environmental impact.

Jimo: An app that makes it easy to create engaging communications for users

Jimo is an app startup that makes it easy to create engaging communications for users, with a range of products that include user onboarding, feature adoption, announcements, concept testing, surveys, and feedback boards. Andy Mpondo Black, Raphaël Alexandre, Samuel Dubrez, and Thomas Moussafer founded Jimo with the aim of making communication more interactive and personalized.

MyBleen: A new outdoor home brand that starts with lawn care

MyBleen is a new e-commerce startup that focuses on outdoor home products, starting with lawn care. Quentin Lanthier founded the company with the aim of making outdoor living more accessible and personalized for everyone.

Numias: A payment solutions provider that enables businesses to benefit from blockchain technology

Numias is a startup that provides payment solutions, allowing businesses to benefit from the added value of blockchain technology. The company’s innovative solutions make payments more secure and efficient, improving financial operations for companies of all sizes.

SalesRamp: A sales compensation software that helps businesses manage sales commissions

SalesRamp is a software startup that offers a sales compensation platform, making it easier for businesses to manage sales commissions. Benjamin Douablin founded the company, and its platform streamlines sales operations, automating the commission process and providing valuable insights to help businesses improve their sales strategies.

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HiveNet: A decentralized cloud platform based on the peer-to-peer exchange of the available capacities of users’ computers

HiveNet is a blockchain startup that offers a decentralized cloud platform based on peer-to-peer exchange. The company’s innovative platform allows users to exchange computer capacity, making cloud storage more affordable and accessible.

Clos3t: A fashion blockchain startup that aims to take fashion and luxury brands into the metaverse

Clos3t is a fashion blockchain startup that aims to take fashion and luxury brands into the metaverse, providing them with the tools to deliver exclusive experiences to their web3 clients. Amandine Degotte, Setareh Lotfi, and Virginie Le Bervet founded the company, and its immersive digital wallet provides simplicity, utility, and safety to fashion lovers, unlocking personalized token-gated journeys.

Carom: A new social app for professionals that offers stylish and fun experiences

Carom is a social app startup that caters to professionals, offering stylish and fun experiences that expand users’ networks in their city or while traveling. Ayoub Khammari founded the company, and its user-friendly platform makes networking more accessible and enjoyable for professionals.


The French startup scene is thriving, and these 15 startups represent the best of the best, offering innovative solutions and disrupting industries. From blockchain to fintech, real estate, fashion, and more, these startups are changing the game and setting new standards for what’s possible in the digital age. We can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve in the coming years.

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