Startup Showcase: Loacal – Connecting Travelers with Local Experiences in Cyprus, Turkey and the UK

Looking for unique travel experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions? Loacal is the perfect solution for travelers who want to experience the local way of living in Cyprus, Turkey and soon, the UK. Loacal is a travel-oriented marketplace of local experiences, offering a bridge between travelers and activities and tours. With a live website in Cyprus and Turkey and plans to expand to the UK, Loacal is changing the way people travel.

Connecting Travelers with Local Experiences

Loacal is all about connecting travelers with locals who know the best spots in town. The website offers a platform for locals to open a profile and indicate their interests, languages they speak, things they like doing, and more. Travelers can then browse through these profiles to find the perfect local guide for their trip. From creative workshops to diving, surfing, nature walks, yoga, and much more, Loacal offers unique experiences that allow travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Skip the Routine & Experience the Loacal Way of Living

Loacal believes that traveling is more than just visiting the highlights of a city. It’s about investigating the off-beaten path, experiencing what a local does, drinking with locals after work, eating the local lunch from the local restaurant, listening to local sounds, and experiencing the favorite wine bar between locals. Loacal’s motto is “Skip the routine & experience the Loacal way of living,” and it’s something they take very seriously.

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Expansion to the UK

While Loacal is currently focused on Cyprus and Turkey, the startup is expanding to the UK soon. With its unique platform, Loacal is sure to attract travelers looking for an authentic experience that goes beyond the usual tourist traps. The startup is already making a name for itself in Cyprus and Turkey, and it’s exciting to see how it will continue to grow in the coming years.

Experience the Loacal Way of Living Today

If you’re planning a trip to Cyprus or Turkey, be sure to check out Loacal and experience the local way of living. With its unique platform, Loacal offers travelers an authentic and immersive experience that they won’t find anywhere else. And with plans to expand to the UK soon, it won’t be long before even more travelers can experience the Loacal way of living.





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