Unleashing Innovation: Meet the Top 15 Software Startups Disrupting Austrian Industries

Austria has become an emerging hub for startups in various industries, from facility management to health care and beyond. In this article, we will showcase 15 interesting software startups that are making waves in Austria’s tech scene and disrupting traditional markets.

Wowflow: Collaborating for Facility Maintenance

Wowflow is a mobile-first collaboration and workflow tool designed for facility maintenance teams. This startup aims to simplify the process of facility management by empowering teams to communicate, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time. With Wowflow, facility managers can easily delegate tasks, monitor progress, and identify areas that require attention.

Trackbar: Digitizing Gym Equipment

Trackbar is a digital gym equipment platform that connects coaches directly with members. The platform provides real-time analytics and insights into members’ performance, allowing coaches to provide personalized training plans. By digitalizing gym equipment, Trackbar aims to enhance the gym experience and help fitness enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals.

Involve.me: No-Code Funnel Builder

Involve.me is a no-code funnel builder that enables businesses to create interactive quizzes, forms, surveys, calculators, and payment pages. The platform is designed to optimize lead generation, content marketing, and e-commerce efforts, providing businesses with the necessary tools to engage with their customers and drive conversions.

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Warrify: Digital Receipts for Retailers

Warrify offers a digital solution that delivers receipts directly to smartphones, allowing customers to store and manage their receipts in a secure and organized way. This platform eliminates the need for paper receipts, reducing waste and improving the customer experience.

Pixofarm: Empowering Fruit Producers

Pixofarm provides a digital solution that empowers fruit producers to optimize their harvest by providing reliable yield monitoring data. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze images of fruit trees and estimate the yield of each tree, enabling producers to make data-driven decisions about their harvest.

Celantur: Privacy-preserving solutions for Images & Videos

Celantur enables companies and municipalities to automate the anonymization of personal data on images and videos. By doing so, we help them to comply with data protection laws (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, etc) as well as respond to the growing customers’ sentiment toward privacy.

Gradient Zero: Machine Learning and AI

Gradient Zero is a machine learning company that provides AI solutions to various industries. Their platform enables businesses to analyze data, automate processes, and make data-driven decisions, improving efficiency and productivity.

iLogistics IT Solutions: IT Services for Transport and Logistics

iLogistics IT Solutions provides IT services for the transport and logistics industry. Their technology enables businesses to automate their processes, improve their data management, and enhance their customer experience.

Condignum: Platform for Security Management

Condignum offers a platform for security management, providing businesses with the necessary tools to manage their security risks and compliance requirements. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze security data and identify potential threats.

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Imperion: Tax Reporting Solutions

Imperion provides tax reporting solutions for businesses, helping them to comply with tax regulations and requirements. Their platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tax reporting processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.

KLabs LLC: Private Fund

KLabs LLC is a private fund that invests in internet and software startups. Their goal is to support innovative startups that have the potential to disrupt traditional markets and industries.

Veroo: Supply Chain Optimization

Veroo provides customized digital services, AI cloud software, GPS tracking tools, and real-time services for supply chain optimization. Their platform enables businesses to optimize their supply chain operations, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Techstory: Marketing Boutique for IT Companies

Techstory is a marketing boutique for IT companies, offering a range of services, including content creation, marketing strategy, and digital marketing. Their goal is to help IT companies to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

BugBattle: Bug Reporting Tool for Developers

BugBattle is a bug reporting tool made explicitly for developers, highlighting the bugs present in websites, apps, and industrial applications. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that enables developers to identify, reproduce, and fix bugs quickly, improving the quality of their products.

Stockito: Cloud-Based Storage and License Manager

Stockito is a cloud-based storage and license manager that offers businesses an efficient and secure way to manage their software licenses. The platform enables businesses to store, track, and manage their software licenses in one place, reducing the risk of non-compliance and optimizing their software asset management.


In conclusion, these 15 startups showcase the diversity and innovation that is thriving in Austria’s tech scene. These companies are disrupting traditional markets, solving complex problems, and empowering businesses to optimize their operations and improve their customer experience. As Austria’s startup ecosystem continues to grow, we can expect to see more exciting and impactful startups emerge in the years to come.

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