Italy’s Auto Innovators: 15 Groundbreaking Startups Driving The Future Of Automotive Industry

The New Era of Italian Auto-Innovation: Discover How Startups are Revving Up the Automotive Sector

Italy, long known for its love affair with fast cars and high-end design, is witnessing a new breed of startups that are taking the world of automotive to new heights. Let’s explore these 15 dynamic Italian startups revolutionizing the automotive sector.

Kimera Automobili

Kimera Automobili is carving its niche in the automotive world with a special focus on manufacturing classic and sports cars. This fusion of nostalgia and performance illustrates the broad scope of Italy’s car culture.


E-Lectra is driving innovation in the automotive and energy sectors with its unique engineering solutions. Their work is another proof of the rapid electrification and technological advancement of the industry.


SUM is taking cargo bikes to the next level by offering hybrid human and electric propulsion solutions. They are particularly useful for logistics and home delivery, showcasing the environmental and operational benefits of e-vehicles.


Ingenues is propelling the industry with its electronics, mechanics, and tools. Their technological solutions help automotive companies develop more advanced and reliable vehicles.

Carbotech Innovative

Carbotech Innovative is a manufacturing firm specializing in carbon composite material components, combining lightweight design with robust strength for a variety of applications in the automotive sector.


Zemove provides a platform for car rentals, logistics, and mobility services, demonstrating the growing demand for flexible transportation and mobility solutions. is a manufacturer of motor vehicles and trucks, playing a crucial role in the ongoing expansion and diversification of Italy’s automotive manufacturing sector.

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InLab provides CE marking, testing, verifications, and laboratory services. Their work helps ensure that automotive products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


LB TECH is a metal carpentry company specializing in the automotive industry, contributing to the robust and durable construction of motor vehicles.

Mood Car

Mood Car operates as a car dealership, providing a suite of services including sales, rentals, financing, and warranty assistance, which are integral to the customer experience in the automotive sector.

Distribution Tech

Distribution Tech supplies essential car and motorcycle parts and accessories like rearview mirrors, glass, and sunroof controls. They play a key role in the supply chain of the automotive sector.


Founded by Ciro Virgilio, Davide Virgilio, and Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, FoxRent is the first Italian renting platform dedicated exclusively to commercial vehicles. It signifies the integration of automotive and digital technology for seamless rental experiences.


Co-founded by Alexander Sergeevich Yuryev, CLEVERPOD is working on a new E-Transport solution for the services and logistics industries, which could revolutionize the way goods are moved.


NEWTWEN, founded by Francesco Toso and Milo De Soricellis, is accelerating the deployment of digital twin technology in the automotive and automation industry, promising significant advancements in product development and manufacturing processes.


Eskube is an automotive consultancy company that provides electronics design and business development services, showing how external expertise can drive innovation and growth in the automotive industry.

These 15 startups are setting the pace for the next generation of Italian automotive innovation, leveraging technology and new business models to take the industry into a future defined by efficiency, sustainability, and high performance. They demonstrate how Italy continues to uphold its reputation as a global leader in automotive design and manufacturing.

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Keep exploring EU Startups  Startup Showcase: VMRay - Unveiling Threats with X-Ray Vision
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