Which Swedish FinTech startups are changing the 2023 European finance game?

Sweden is renowned for its innovative technological solutions and in particular, the flourishing FinTech sector. With the advent of numerous startup companies, Sweden is redefining the contours of financial technology and services. Here is a comprehensive overview of 15 promising Swedish FinTech startups.

The nature of these startups is as diverse as their names – from banking applications to digital platforms, credit based solutions, and crypto asset investments, these startups are pushing the boundaries of conventional financial services. Let’s delve deeper into what each of these startups uniquely offers.

The intention behind spotlighting these startups is to create awareness around these ground-breaking services and encourage the digitization of financial systems – something that is fast becoming the need of the hour.


Vinter is a regulated index provider that specializes in crypto assets. Founded by Håkan Holmberg, Jacob Lindberg, and Marco Poblete, Vinter is a platform for the curious cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Founded by Cedric Notz and Jannis Koehn, Float provides transparent funding alternatives for businesses with recurring revenues. Float redefines funding and venture capital options for modern businesses.


A product of Baltsar Sahlin’s vision, Mynt is a financial partner for SMBs with high growth potential. Offering a credit-based spend management solution with accounting automation, Mynt is the go-to option for SMBs.

Surfboard Payments

Surfboard Payments, founded by Christopher Lindfeldt and Neal Hindocha, is the next generation solution provider for in-store payments. It’s smart, agile and promises a seamless customer experience.

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P27 Nordic Payments

P27 Nordic Payments offers a digital, real-time cross-border payment solution for businesses and consumers, making international transactions a piece of cake.


Pepicon is a brainchild of Anders Sjunnesson and simplifies the investment process. It is a digital tool optimizing the otherwise intricate relationship between companies and investors.


Maiyak is a digital collaboration space introduced by Anton Kuleshov and Joakim Sjölund, simplifying fundraising for SMEs and paving the way for easier and efficient financial solutions.


Founded by Jonathan Nathanson, Marcus Wikars, and Mikel Jorgensen, VenturePort is a dedicated investor relations platform for startups. It ensures a smooth communication channel between startups and investors.


MAJORITY, founded by Johan Dahlqvist, Johan Granlund, and Magnus Larsson, develops an app-based platform that facilitates digital banking services for migrants and expats.


Datia, initiated by Juan Manuel Serruya and Manne Larsson, is an innovative data platform working with financial institutions to automate their ESG workflows and offer sustainable finance solutions.


Founded by David Hansson, Gustav Malmqvist, and Raiha Buchanan, Gigapay enables compliant payouts to creators across the globe, addressing the financial needs of the growing virtual workforce population and content creators.


Juni, created by Anders Orsedal, Jonathan Sanders, and Samir El-Sabini, is a promising fintech company developing a banking platform for e-commerce and online marketing entrepreneurs.


Alwy is a startup providing comprehensive banking, financial, and data analytics services. It thrives on digitising finance-related services, ensuring top-quality customer experience.


Pelvo is a fintech firm that develops financial tools and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them manage finances more efficiently and strategically.

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A Vinnova-funded aspiring fintech company that stemmed from the Founder Institute, one of the world’s leading incubator programs, Beanie carries a promise of innovation and extraordinary change in the fintech space.

The swift evolution of fintech startups in Sweden is not just a marker of success for the Swedish entrepreneurial ecosystem, but also a reflection of the robustness and progressiveness of global fintech trends. It will be exciting to watch the growth trajectory of these startups in the future.

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