Startup Showcase: ReD Associates, Unravelling

Translating Consumer Insights into Effective Business Strategies

In this startup showcase, we’re taking a closer look at ReD Associates, a Denmark-based strategy consultancy that’s making waves in the world of consumer research.

Understanding the Human Element in Business

ReD Associates, a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is revolutionising the strategy consulting space. Unlike traditional consultancies, ReD Associates ventures into the profound realm of human behaviour, conducting meticulous research and analysis to provide companies with invaluable consumer insights. By identifying the gaps between what people need and what companies offer, ReD Associates empowers businesses to make strategic decisions based on a deep understanding of their customers’ lives, habits, and worldview.

Through social science research, ReD Associates gathers and analyses behavioural data. It then scrutinises patterns and builds theories around these patterns, juxtaposing these against market dynamics. The final output is a robust set of insights along with actionable recommendations on strategic next steps.

Offering Tangible Solutions and Novel Strategies

Among the deliverables of ReD Associates are new or more targeted value propositions, blueprints for innovation processes, prototypes for new products and services, and strategies for market gap targeting and precise customer segmentation. They also provide guidance on improving M&A success rates, as well as strategies for integrating digital methods with traditional business models.

Their client portfolio ranges across diverse industries including technology, telecom, media, entertainment, manufacturing, consumer products and services, healthcare, and not-for-profits. Each industry presents unique challenges and opportunities, and ReD Associates leverages its unique approach to human behaviour to create tailored solutions that resonate with each client’s specific needs.

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An International Perspective on Strategy Consulting

ReD Associates, while rooted in Denmark, also has a presence in New York, allowing it to bring a broad, international perspective to its projects. This global reach, coupled with the company’s innovative approach to strategy consulting, positions ReD Associates as a powerful ally for companies looking to navigate the complex landscape of consumer behaviour.

In a world where data is often seen as king, ReD Associates reminds us that understanding the human element is crucial to business success. As it continues to evolve and impact more industries, ReD Associates is undoubtedly a startup to watch.

To learn more about ReD Associates, visit their website here. Stay updated with their latest news and insights through their social media channels:

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