Which Noord-Brabant Software Startups Are Influencing the Netherlands’ Tech Scene?

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With an impressive startup scene, Noord-Brabant has become a European hotspot for innovation. With its dynamic and diverse pool of software startups, it is quickly earning a reputation for creativity and ingenuity. Situated in southern Netherlands, this region is home to a myriad of talented entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions in various sectors. Here are 15 noteworthy startups from this region, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the software industry.

The quality of innovative software solutions emerging from Noord-Brabant is impressive. They cover a broad spectrum of industries, from finance and logistics to AI and eCommerce, transforming operations, increasing productivity, and improving customer experience. This article will take you on a journey, introducing some of the most exciting software startups shaping the landscape of Noord-Brabant, showcasing their brilliant leadership and innovative concepts.

Tracey is one such forward-looking startup. Founded by Huib Adriaans, it is an online platform that monitors parcel shipment data with advanced data analytics. Their solution is creating significant value in the analytics, business intelligence, and software industry.

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GlobalCloudPayments (GCP), led by Eric Akse and Eric de Putter, is another innovative startup in Noord-Brabant. The company’s technology is set to positively influence the ATM industry by making cash payments as cost-efficient as card payments—a game-changing proposition in the financial services, fintech, payments, SaaS, and software industry.

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FastPages, a tool that helps increase leads, sales, and conversions by providing templates for creating a landing page, is revolutionizing the android, apps, IT, iOS, and software industry.

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Handoff, a startup founded by Bjorn Heesakkers and Nick van den Berg, offers a UI design tool for UI designers and front-end developers. It is creating ripples in the information technology and software industry.

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Retrii, founded by Joey Both and Joey Deckers, is a software company developing superior mobile and web applications for clients.

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Noord-Brabant’s innovation is shining in the IT world with ValueIT, an IT company that offers hardware, software, cloud, cybersecurity, and consultancy services.

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Promeos ICT develops and implements advanced standard SaaS ERP solutions for small and medium-sized organizations—an essential service in the ERP, SaaS, SMBs, and software industry.

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PowerBrainShop, founded by Samuel Thomas Staehle, offers an edge AI SaaS platform for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. This startup is making strides in the AI, industrial automation, IT, machine learning, machinery manufacturing, mechanical engineering, SaaS, and software industry.

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Folloow is the provider of user-friendly GPS tracker systems—a game-changing solution in the automotive, GPS, and software industry.

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Checkdone IT specializes in IT security software & hardware, monitoring, and control systems plus services—a critical service in the cloud security, cybersecurity, hardware, ICT, IT, network security, and software industry.

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Tech2B, founded by Sjors Hooijen, is a multi-sided B2B platform for the design & manufacturing industry.

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Adabt offers a collaborative logistics platform designed to improve how logistics companies exchange data and communicate—a vital service in the Logistics, SaaS, Software, SCM, and transportation industry.

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World of Content, founded by Jonathan Bouma and Koen Looijmans, is one of the fastest-growing content management platforms in Europe—an innovative solution in the developer platform, eCommerce, IT, IT management, and software industry.

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eigenlinks, a startup founded by Barbara Kölbl, Nemanja Cvijanovic, and Philip Kurtin, is the creator of STOREE, a mobile app that lets power shoppers manage their online purchases all in one place.

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GMBapi.com, led by Michel van Luijtelaar, offers a multi-location local SEO tool guaranteed to help businesses rank higher, manage their reputation, and win more business.

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Noord-Brabant’s thriving startup scene is a testament to the innovation that this vibrant region fosters. These startups are not only reshaping industries but also paving the way for future entrepreneurs. Watch this space as Noord-Brabant continues to take the software industry by storm.

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