Startup Showcase: Topjet

Transforming Packaging with Innovative Labeling Solutions

Welcome to, your trusted source for the most exciting and transformative startups in Europe. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we introduce you to a company that’s changing the game in production labeling and printing systems. Meet Topjet, an Italian startup that’s making waves in the world of packaging through its cutting-edge solutions.

Unveiling Topjet: Pioneers in Production Labeling

Nestled in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Topjet has been on a remarkable journey since its inception in 1990. The company’s story is a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. Founded by friends Benassi & Caselli, Topjet was born with a vision to create a reliable company that could bring prosperity to all those who contribute to their projects.

A Journey of Growth and Excellence

Topjet embarked on its entrepreneurial voyage by serving the ceramic tile industry. Their initial offerings focused on labeling systems and high-efficiency industrial marking solutions. Starting at the regional level, they swiftly expanded their reach across Italy and later ventured into the European Union and international markets. The ceramic sector’s rapid growth during this period propelled Topjet’s rapid rise in turnover.

In 2000, a pivotal moment in the company’s history occurred with the addition of Giuseppe Zanasi. This milestone led to the establishment of IBERTOPJET Spain, a strategic partnership between Zanasi, Caselli, and Benassi. They forged a new alliance with Mr. Manfredini Franco, who resides in Spain and directly manages IBERTOPJET. This expansion marked a significant chapter in Topjet’s international presence.

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A Commitment to Customer-Centric Innovation

From its inception, Topjet has been guided by a customer-centric philosophy. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction extends from the first point of contact through project completion. Topjet’s approach encompasses compliance with existing and future regulations, fostering respect and trust among their clientele.

“The customer should always be in the center of attention. They participate with Topjet in the development and improvement of new products while upholding the highest quality standards,” emphasizes Topjet’s core belief.

Delivering Quality and Innovation

Topjet’s dedication to delivering quality machinery and innovative solutions has earned them a solid reputation in the market. Their products are recognized and respected by industry professionals worldwide.

With a focus on excellence, Topjet’s production labeling and printing systems have become indispensable tools for businesses across various sectors, enhancing efficiency and ensuring compliance with labeling requirements.

Explore Topjet’s Transformative Solutions

If you’re seeking cutting-edge production labeling and printing systems that redefine packaging efficiency, Topjet is your ideal partner. Their extensive range of solutions is designed to cater to the unique needs of diverse industries.


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