Who Are Italy’s Most Influential Transportation Startups Revolutionizing the Industry?

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Italy, known for its rich history and culture, is also making strides in the innovative sector of transportation startups. With the aim of revolutionising various modes of transports, the Italian startups have been developing unique technologies and services to upgrade industries like Aerospace, Marine, Logistics and more. Whether it’s through creating efficient, next-generation Transportation Management Systems, manufacturing parts for luxury boats and yachts, or making space vehicles, these startups are truly changing the shape of the future travel industry in Italy. Here we will look at 15 unique Transportation Startups that have originated from Italy.

All the startups given below, though from different sectors of the transportation industry, focus on the common goal of providing effective, efficient and sustainable solutions that meet the diverse needs of the market. This ability to transform ingenious ideas into functional and practical applications is what sets these companies apart. Along with innovation, they are also making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, thus ensuring environmental sustainability which is a critical aspect in today’s scenario.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Italian transportation startups and see how each one is disrupting and revolutionizing the industry in its own unique way.

Sidereus Space Dynamics

Sidereus Space Dynamics is revolutionizing the Aerospace and Air Transportation industry by developing space vehicles. Founded by Luca Principi, Massimiliano Masciarelli, and Mattia Barbarossa, this ambitious startup is aiming for the stars, literally!

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Entering the Autonomous Vehicles scene is ParkingMyCar. Offering transportation services to clients, they aim to facilitate and streamline travel for everyone involved.


ELogy has developed software to revolutionize logistics and warehousing processes. Their advanced inventory management system aims to enhance e-Commerce interactions with efficiency and ease.


All about sustainability and technology, Easysea specializes in the production of nautical accessories. They value environmental protection while delivering topnotch designs to their customers.


Combining their expertise in consulting, product design, and transportation, the minds behind Wineleven offer services for the conservation of bottled wines.

CRAIN Mobility

With a focus on both freight and passengers, CRAIN Mobility is bringing new technology to mobility models. Their work is shaking up the Transportation and Mobile Apps Industry.


I-CARBON is taking the Manufacturing and Marine Transportation industry by storm by producing parts for boats and yachts along with marine innovation.


With a focus on sustainability, nlcomp is developing materials for sailing boat construction using natural fibres and recycled materials.


Offering a next-generation Transportation Management System, Cargoful ensures a seamless end-to-end order management for its clients in the Freight Service and Transportation industries.

AELF FlightService

For all things aircraft leasing, look no further than AELF FlightService. This startup provides finance, leasing, and air charter solutions in Air Transportation and Leasing industries.

Aicon Yachts

Taking the luxury to a whole new level, Aicon Yachts specialises in manufacturing luxury yachts, providing quality builds and flawless designs in the Air Transportation and Automotive industries.


Serving all your B2B delivery needs is STARBOX. This startup offers reliable delivery services in Logistics and Transportation.

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South Tyrolean Logistics Network

South Tyrolean Logistics Network is bringing digitization transport services to the Logistics industry making shipping more efficient and streamlined.

Sea Green Engineering

Offering a fresh perspective on ship design, Sea Green Engineering is all about shipping and marine transportation with a focus on energy efficiency.


Streamlining private aviation is Skycab. They connect pilots with passengers for an efficient and personal travel experience in the Air Transportation industry.

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