Reshaping EU’s Biopharma Industry: Is Cannabis the Future of Pharmaceutical Treatments?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Somai Pharmaceuticals Ltd is redesigning the biopharma industry by leveraging on cannabis-based treatments.
  • Operational in several European countries, Somai Pharma is developing and distributing cannabinoid-containing pharmaceutical products that comply with EU-GMP standards.
  • The company’s current focus is on building scalable extraction facilities across Europe to position itself as a leading distributor of medical-grade, certified cannabis.
  • With its holistic approach to drug development, Somai may redefine the future of the biotechnology sector in EU.

While the boundaries of pharmaceuticals continue to expand with cutting-edge innovations, Dublin-based company Somai Pharmaceuticals Ltd is trailblazing in the field of biopharma and biotechnology with its research into medical cannabis. Focusing on manufacturing and distributing cannabinoid-containing pharmaceutical products throughout the European Union, the company is redefining the industry’s approach to pharmaceutical treatments.

Under the leadership of CEO and Chairman of the Board, Michael Sassano, Somai Pharmaceuticals has established operations across Europe. They are committed to delivering treatments to the endocannabinoid system with utmost consistency across markets, thereby upholding the stringent pharmacological standards of the EU.

Somai Pharmaceuticals distinguishes itself in the biotech industry by focusing on the scalability of its operations. Pivoting its development to match the pace of Europe’s cannabis industry growth, the company’s current focus is on building scalable high output extraction facilities in various strategic countries. The first of these is being developed in Portugal, where a 34,000 sq ft starting facility is primed to expand up to 120,000 sq ft to meet anticipated demands.

In addition, while making its mark with high-quality, EU-GMP certified cannabis products, Somai Pharmaceuticals is also investing efforts on embedding its brand across markets. Through strategic branding and production of high-quality cannabinoids, the organisation aims to become one of the most recognized and well developed brands in the EU.

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In conclusion, Somai Pharmaceuticals is perceptibly shaping the future of the EU’s biopharma industry. By focusing on the development and distribution of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, it is addressing a rising demand for alternative medical treatments. As the European market continues to open up to cannabis-based solutions, Somai is poised to be at the forefront of this transitional phase of the biopharma industry.

With an ambitious plan for expansion and a commitment to quality and effectiveness, Somai Pharmaceuticals is poised to redefine the biopharma industry in the EU. For more information, visit their website, as well as their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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