Startup Showcase: Multiversum: The Future of Blockchain

If you haven’t heard of Multiversum yet, you’re missing out on the future of blockchain. Multiversum is a Hungarian-based startup that aims to create a new type of decentralized blockchain with the capability of managing complex data structures. This innovative startup offers a set of crypto-validation and distribution techniques that are fit for every environment: administrative, industrial, financial, and governmental.

Multiversum has developed 4th generation blockchain technology that goes beyond the current limits of traditional blockchain. Their mission is to enhance the data layer through self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to another by symbolic links, providing a wide set of tools to access and integrate this environment in a secure way.

Relational Crypto-Database

One of the most significant features of Multiversum technology is its relational crypto-database. Unlike traditional blockchains that store only transaction data, Multiversum allows for different and interconnected data structures and types as part of the blockchain itself. This feature provides greater flexibility in how data can be organized and accessed, making it a powerful tool for industries that require complex data management.

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Multiversum technology boasts an impressive 0.2 seconds transaction execution time, making it one of the fastest blockchains in the market. This blazing speed of transaction execution is critical in industries where real-time transactions are required, such as finance or logistics.

Unmatched Scalability

Another important aspect of Multiversum’s technology is its unmatched scalability. Multiversum can handle up to 64,000 Tps (1000 tps/core) on 64 core servers, making it one of the most scalable blockchains available. Additionally, 64+ cores architectures are supported, making it an ideal choice for large-scale enterprise solutions.

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Next-Generation Wallets

Multiversum technology also offers next-generation wallets with multicurrency support and biometric input. The wallets are secure, easy to use, and provide a seamless user experience.

Proof of Integrity

Finally, Multiversum technology offers proof of integrity, which will replace PoW and PoS, reducing computation costs by several orders of magnitude. This feature will make Multiversum one of the most energy-efficient blockchains, a crucial feature as sustainability becomes an increasingly important factor in blockchain adoption.


Multiversum is a startup that is here to stay. Their innovative 4th generation blockchain technology offers solutions that are fit for every environment, providing unparalleled speed, scalability, and security. Multiversum is one of the few startups that can truly revolutionize the blockchain industry, and their technology is worth keeping an eye on.





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