Startup Showcase: Soundtracktor – A Revolutionary Music Licensing Marketplace

Are you looking for a perfect soundtrack for your brand or business? Soundtracktor is the global music licensing marketplace that connects music creators with brands. Soundtracktor is revolutionizing the music industry by providing a platform for music creators to sell their tracks and brands to discover music that tells their stories.

Connecting Brands with Music

Soundtracktor offers a new and innovative way to match music creators with brands. The platform provides a customizable website for music creators to focus on making music instead of networking and sales. Automated licensing terms and pricing ensure that creators are fairly compensated for their work. For brands, Soundtracktor offers the convenience of a stock library with personalized selections by a music supervisor. The platform matches composers to brands faster, providing high-quality and relevant music for the brand’s image.

A Community of Composer Webstores

Soundtracktor is a community of composer webstores that provides music creators with more control over their sales. The platform offers a space for creators to connect and sell their tracks, giving them control over their careers. With Soundtracktor, creators can focus on their passion for making music while building a sustainable career.

A Better and More Ethical Business Model for the Music Industry

Soundtracktor is passionate about creating value for everyone involved in buying a track. The platform is committed to creating a better and more ethical business model for the music industry. Soundtracktor believes that the music industry needs to evolve, and they are taking the lead by creating a platform that provides fair compensation for music creators and matches brands with high-quality and relevant music.

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Join the Excitement of Matching Music to Images

Soundtracktor is passionate about music and technology, and they are excited about matching music to images. The platform is revolutionizing the way brands and music creators interact by providing a marketplace that creates value for everyone involved. Soundtracktor is the future of music licensing, providing a platform that is fair, efficient, and exciting.


Soundtracktor is the perfect platform for anyone looking for the perfect soundtrack for their brand or business. With its innovative approach to music licensing, Soundtracktor is revolutionizing the music industry and providing value for everyone involved. Join the excitement of matching music to images with Soundtracktor.





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