Riding the Wave of AI: A Look at France’s Thriving Machine Learning Startups

Discover how 15 dynamic French startups are harnessing the power of machine learning to revolutionize industries

Machine learning, an integral facet of artificial intelligence, is propelling innovation across various sectors. In France, a thriving ecosystem of startups is capitalizing on this technology to redefine traditional business models and industries. Let’s take a closer look at 15 of these cutting-edge ventures.


Qantev, co-founded by Hadrien De March and Tarik Dadi, is a leading player in the InsurTech industry. Their smart claims platform leverages machine learning and AI to transform how insurance claims are processed and managed.


DeepLife, led by founders Jean-Baptiste Morlot and Jonathan Baptista, is a biotech startup using deep learning to model cells and efficiently engineer their behavior. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and treatment modalities.


Samp, co-founded by Laurent Bourgouin and Shivani Shah, creates digital twins by consolidating technical information using its machine learning-powered software. This startup is at the forefront of 3D technology and software innovation.


PhotoRoom, established by Eliot Andres and Matthieu Rouif, uses AI to allow users to create studio-quality product pictures in seconds. Their innovative app is transforming the photography and photo editing industry.


Videtics, founded by Alan Ferbach, Alexandre Reboul, and Pierre-Alexis Le Borgne, uses artificial intelligence for video analytics. Their groundbreaking solution is carving out new possibilities in the video and software industry.


Extrality, co-founded by Hainiandry Rasamimanana, Nicolas Rasamimanana, and Pierre Yser, offers a platform for rapid numerical simulations powered by machine learning. Their innovative approach is reshaping the software industry.

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Codist AI

Co-founded by Maeliza Seymour and Shubhadeep Roychowdhury, Codist AI uses artificial intelligence to provide code management services. They are leading the way in the IT, machine learning, and natural language processing sectors.


Studymapper, founded by Oumar Ndiaye, employs AI to revolutionize school guidance and professional integration. This innovative approach is shaking up the traditional education system.


Llaama, founded by Damien Hauser, is a software company that builds cloud native and reactive SaaS platforms using artificial intelligence. Their solutions are transforming the cloud management and software industries.


Hephai, co-founded by Serge Kinkingnehun and Valery Trosini-Desert, incorporates AI solutions to help patients use their prescribed inhaled therapies. Their approach has the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes in the medical device industry.


Kairntech, led by founder Gilles Pouzenc, offers a platform that helps analysts analyze documents by creating custom datasets and AI models without programming. This technology is proving transformative in the software industry.


Scalnyx is a software publisher specializing in performance engineering and explainable AI. The startup’s work is pushing the boundaries of application performance management and artificial intelligence.


Wimbee is an IT company that specializes in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They’re making significant strides in data processing and analysis, with far-reaching implications across industries.


Datalents is an IT firm that specializes in machine learning, big data, data labs, consulting, blockchain, and business intelligence services. They’re poised to make significant strides in consulting and IT.


Flowlity, founded by Jean-Baptiste Clouard and Karim Benchaaboun, offers a SaaS platform using AI to build resilient supply chains. Their solutions optimize inventories and predict sales and consumption, making a significant impact on supply chain management.

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These French startups, driven by the power of machine learning, are not just reshaping their respective industries, but also setting new trends for the global startup ecosystem. The future of innovation, it seems, is closely intertwined with the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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