Amsterdam’s Health Care Revolution: The Innovative Startups Pioneering Change

From AI to 3D imaging: Meet the 15 Amsterdam-based startups redefining the health care landscape

Amsterdam, in the heart of Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, is home to a flourishing ecosystem of health care startups. From state-of-the-art medical tech to unique patient care models, these young companies are reshaping the health care landscape. Let’s explore 15 of these innovative ventures.


Co-founded by Wilco Schuttelaar, Founda uses software to develop applications, techniques, and tools tailored for the healthcare sector, making it a major player in digital health.


Clear, founded by Madelon Bracke and Piet Hein van Dam, uses a chip-implanted arm patch and an app to measure blood glucose levels in real-time, integrating cutting-edge tech with health and wellness.


Attendi, created by Berend Jutte and Diederik de Rave, crafts customized speech technology solutions for health care, integrating IT with advanced natural language processing and speech recognition.

Frame Cancer Therapeutics

Frame Cancer Therapeutics, led by Bob Löwenberg, Dinko Valerio, and Ronald Plasterk, offers cancer vaccines based on unique and individual patient’s tumor DNA. Their approach to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals holds promise for future cancer treatment methods.


PoroUS combines 3D ultrasound technology and image guidance with advanced spectral signal processing for osteoporosis diagnoses. This startup is pioneering change in health diagnostics and medical device tech.


Foodimus is a health care platform, medical laboratory, and network of health coaches. Their service optimizes nutrition based on personalized food recommendations, bridging the gap between health care and food and beverage sectors.

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Myndfuel operates a webshop for supplements, foods, and other products to support mindful keto or low-carb journeys. They contribute to wellness and health care through their e-commerce and retail offerings.

Care within Reach

Founded by Merel Rumping, Care within Reach provides orthopedic care services, demonstrating a focused approach to wellness, fitness, and health care.


Vamazone is an online shop providing intimate care products for women. Their service contributes to the women’s health sector through their e-commerce platform.

De Zorgambassade

De Zorgambassade, or the Healthcare Embassy, consists of sixteen health care professionals addressing problems in the health care sector, working towards improved patient care.

Pet Pharmacy

Pet Pharmacy is an affordable webshop for veterinary medicines curated by experienced veterinarians. Their platform is enhancing pet health care through accessibility and safety.

Healthwatch Premium Products

Healthwatch Netherlands Foundation stands against abuses and corruption in the food and pharmaceutical industry. As a non-profit organization, they bridge the gap between health care, food and beverage, and the pharmaceutical industry.

GYMI fitness

GYMI fitness is an online store offering a wide range of health and fitness products. Their diverse selection provides options for anyone looking to enhance their fitness regimen.

Moos Magic

Moos Magic, an online store for skincare products, makes a mark in the health care and cosmetics industry. They offer a variety of products for customers seeking comprehensive skin care solutions.

NC Biomatrix

NC Biomatrix is working on game-changing treatment for intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration. Their groundbreaking work is paving the way for future medical solutions in health care.

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These Amsterdam-based health care startups are leveraging the power of innovation to redefine health care delivery and treatment methodologies. The future of health care, it seems, lies at the intersection of tech advancement and patient-centered care.

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