Dressed in Innovation: The Fashion Startups Turning Heads in Amsterdam

Taking a look at the city's 15 most stylish and progressive fashion startups

Amsterdam, located in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, has a reputation as a hotbed of creativity and innovation. This is especially true in the realm of fashion, where a new generation of startups is using technology and ethical practices to reshape the industry. Here are 15 fashion startups that are making waves in Amsterdam.


TQASER is an e-commerce platform specializing in socks. With a simple product focus, they’ve carved a unique niche in the fashion retail industry.


Refold puts a unique twist on classic apparel, offering items like single color and multicolor plaid sleeves. Their online shop brings a unique sense of style to consumers.


Laytar is an online boutique store offering a curated selection of women’s clothing. Their collections emphasize quality, style, and feminine appeal.

Shop Like You Give a Damn

This fashion startup is more than just a catchy name. Shop Like You Give a Damn is an online department store where consumers can shop ethically, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainability in the fashion industry.


Est’Seven offers a broad range of clothing and accessories for women. Their e-commerce platform allows consumers to shop the latest trends without leaving home.

MONS Fashion Boutique

MONS Fashion Boutique is another online fashion destination for women’s clothing, demonstrating the power of e-commerce in today’s fashion industry.

Navy or Grey

Navy or Grey is a British menswear brand that has found a home in Amsterdam. Their focus on classic colors and styles shows that simplicity never goes out of fashion.

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Lalaland, co-founded by Harold Smeeman, Michael Musandu, and Ugnius Rimsa, utilizes artificial intelligence to create models for fashion brands, showcasing their collections across all sizes and skin tones. Their tech-driven approach is making the fashion industry more inclusive.

Project Cece

Project Cece, founded by Marcella Wijngaarden, Melissa Wijngaarden, and Noor Veenhoven, is a search engine for fair and sustainable fashion. Their green approach aligns with the increasing demand for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Beastie Royalties

Beastie Royalties is an online store specializing in beach towels. They’ve identified a specific consumer need and designed their business to meet it.

Solid Look

Solid Look is an online store offering an extensive range of fashion and jewelry. Their diverse offerings cater to a broad range of style preferences.

Rémi Amsterdam

Rémi Amsterdam is an online marketplace for clothing, with an e-commerce platform that reflects the continued growth of online fashion sales.


Fairmotions is an online marketplace for fair fashion and green lifestyle products. Their mission aligns with the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

Poes & Hound

Poes & Hound is a fashion-forward pet brand, offering colorful collars, bold bandanas, and other stylish accessories for pets and their owners.

Sieraden boetiek

Sieraden boetiek is an online marketplace for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories. Their focus on jewelry complements the broader fashion industry and caters to consumers seeking fashionable accessories.

Amsterdam’s fashion startup scene is thriving, with these companies blending style, innovation, and ethics to transform the fashion industry. From AI modeling to ethical marketplaces, the future of fashion appears to be in capable and creative hands.

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