Is This Belgian Startup Revolutionising Global Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Lisam Systems is a Belgian-based startup providing Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) compliance management software solutions globally.
  • The startup operates from offices worldwide, developing proprietary vertical EH&S solutions for various industries.
  • Lisam’s flagship software, ExESS®, is used by over 800 clients in fields like chemistry, cosmetics, energy, and more and is available in 50 languages.
  • By using the latest technology and regulatory content, Lisam aims to provide innovative, affordable, and timely solutions to EH&S challenges faced by companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and use of chemical products.

Born from the innovative spirit of Belgium, Lisam Systems is a global IT solutions provider specializing in Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) compliance management. Launched in 1999 by founder Michel Hemberg, Lisam Systems has been on a mission to revolutionize the way companies navigate the challenging landscape of EH&S compliance.

Lisam Systems operates out of offices around the world, reflecting its global reach and aspirations. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, the startup has developed a range of solutions to help companies overcome EH&S regulatory hurdles. In an era where public scrutiny of corporate sustainability and safety efforts are under the microscope, ensuring compliance to evolving EH&S regulations is crucial for businesses.

The real differentiator for Lisam Systems is the combination of tech-savvy solutions built on the Microsoft .NET platform and up-to-date regulatory content. This merger of technology and content allows the company to deliver user-friendly, versatile solutions designed to meet EH&S challenges. With its proprietary, vertical solutions, Lisam caters specifically to industries such as chemicals, specialty chemicals, cosmetics, aromas and flavorings, detergents, paints, coverings, coatings, plastics, and energy.

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Lisam’s flagship software ExESS® is being relied on by over 800 clients to manage their safety data sheets and labels in compliance with regulations. The software was designed for all major commercial markets, making it globally appealing with its availability in 50 languages. This global accessibility coupled with constant upgrades and technical support makes Lisam a reliable and robust solution for businesses.

Looking to the future, Lisam Systems seems poised to play a pivotal role in shaping how industries navigate environmental, health, and safety compliance. With the growing demands for increasing EHS compliance and transparency, Lisam Systems stands to redefine conventional EHS management methods with its innovative solutions.

As the startup continues to progress, one can expect a rise in the uptake of Lisam’s solutions in industries striving for more efficient, effective, and transparent EH&S compliance. Interfaces that bridge understanding and implementation of complex regulations procedures will be ever more valuable in a future where sustainability and safety become defining metrics of businesses.

More about Lisam Systems is available on their website – You can follow their latest updates and innovations on Twitter @lisamsystems and LinkedIn at Lisam Systems.

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