Startup Showcase: Laborom – Revolutionizing Medical Record Keeping

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve, the importance of easily accessible medical records cannot be overstated. That’s where Laborom comes in – a revolutionary app and web service designed to organize medical records and home measurements, while also connecting patients with their clinics.

Laborom: The Patient-Centric Medical Data Organizer

Laborom is a free application and web service designed to put the power of medical record keeping directly into the hands of patients. With Laborom, patients can easily upload and track their home measurements, store their medical records, and send reports directly from the app. Best of all, medical records and measurements are visualized on one comprehensive timeline, giving patients a complete overview of their health history.

The platform is currently available in 12 languages, making it accessible to patients around the world. And thanks to its secure, user-friendly interface, patients can easily access their medical history on the web or via the Laborom app.

Laborom Connect: The SaaS Platform for Clinics

But Laborom isn’t just for patients – it’s also a powerful tool for healthcare providers. With Laborom Connect, clinics can connect directly with their patients, offering timely check-up reminders, personalized special offers, and even appointment requests.

Clinics and their doctors have access to their patients’ complete medical history, which saves valuable time and helps them provide more personalized service. By providing patients with a more streamlined, efficient experience, Laborom Connect can help clinics increase retention rates, boost visits, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

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Therapy Relevant Content: Generated by Partner Providers

In addition to its core functionality, Laborom also offers therapy-relevant content generated by partner providers. This content includes helpful tips, educational resources, and other tools designed to help patients manage their health and wellness more effectively.


Overall, Laborom represents a major step forward in the world of medical record keeping. By empowering patients with greater control over their own health data, and providing clinics with a powerful new tool for managing patient care, Laborom is poised to revolutionize the way we approach healthcare.





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