Pioneering the Connected Future: Exploring Germany’s IoT Innovators

Unveiling 15 Cutting-edge Startups Redefining the Internet of Things Landscape

Germany is at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, with startups driving innovation and transforming industries through connected technologies. From sustainable farming solutions to smart city infrastructure, these 15 IoT startups are redefining the possibilities of connectivity. Join us on a journey through the dynamic world of IoT as we explore the ingenuity and impact of these groundbreaking ventures.

Smedo: Redefining Health Diagnostics with Contactless Biometrics

Website: smedo

Smedo pioneers the world’s most advanced contactless biometrics for healthcare. Founded by Thomas Grellner, the startup leverages IoT to revolutionize health diagnostics and home healthcare, bringing a new dimension to medical devices.

ERA Zero Waste: A Decentralized Approach to Sustainable Shopping

Website: ERA zero waste

ERA Zero Waste introduces a decentralized groceries platform that subscribes to the concept of zero waste. This startup reimagines the intersection of IoT, blockchain, and sustainable commerce, revolutionizing the way we shop.

Urban ENERGY GmbH: Empowering Urban Mobility with IoT

Website: urban ENERGY GmbH

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Urban ENERGY specializes in eMobility solutions, merging energy management with IoT and data analytics. Co-founded by David Stolz, Paul Dittrich, and Stephan Thies, the startup shapes the future of urban transportation through connectivity.

Bitmotec: Elevating IoT Ecosystems

Website: Bitmotec

Bitmotec drives innovation as the manufacturer of the IoT ecosystem bitmotecosystem. Florian Podszus leads the startup in harnessing the potential of IoT and artificial intelligence to create transformative software solutions.

Solarvibes: Empowering Agriculture Through IoT

Website: Solarvibes

Solarvibes offers hardware and IoT-based software solutions for farm management, safeguarding crops through data-driven insights. The startup exemplifies the transformative role of IoT in the realm of farming and agriculture.

TrueNode: Fusing Product Design, Growth Marketing, and Engineering

Website: TrueNode

TrueNode operates as a venture-driven product studio, uniting product design, growth marketing, and engineering. Founded by Jakob Schwankhaus, the startup embraces IoT and technology to create impactful products and experiences.

Bevscale: Revolutionizing Inventory Management Through IoT

Website: Bevscale

Bevscale introduces an IoT and AI-driven inventory management solution for bars, restaurants, and corporate users. Ferdinand Biere leads the startup in transforming hospitality through smart technology.

Clevabit: Smart Solutions for Veterinary Care

Website: Clevabit

Clevabit’s suite of sensors monitors and enables climate control, precise injections, animal tracking, and more. Christoph Engelbert, Dennis Borgmann, and Frederik Grote champion IoT in the realm of veterinary care.

Isarsoft: Enhancing Business Through Accurate Video Analytics

Website: Isarsoft

Isarsoft makes every camera count with accurate video analytics solutions. The startup, led by Oskar Haller and Philipp Schmidt, brings IoT and computer vision together to redefine business analytics.

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UVENTIONS: Advancing Hygiene Management Through IoMT


UVENTIONS pioneers smart Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions for hygiene management and disinfection. Axel Großklaus and Daniel Ehlers drive innovation in healthcare through IoT and technology.

Seashell: Empowering Edge Computing through SaaS

Website: Seashell

Seashell offers edge computing application enablement and device management through SaaS. Co-founded by Benedikt Franke, Eduardo Schmidt, and Matheus Krüger Winter, the startup embraces IoT to revolutionize software solutions.

MedKitDoc: Transforming Remote Medical Care through IoT

Website: MedKitDoc

MedKitDoc enables remote treatment of serious chronic medical conditions through a next-level remote medical care platform. Founders Benjamin Gutermann, Dorian Koch, and Nicolai Nieder harness IoT to redefine healthcare accessibility.

NATIX: Enabling Smart Cities Through Edge Computer Vision

Website: NATIX

NATIX offers low-cost, privacy-preserving edge computer vision solutions for smart cities. Founded by Alireza Ghods, Lorenz Muck, and Omid Mogharian, the startup empowers urban infrastructure through IoT and AI.

Token Fabrik: Bridging Industrial IoT with DeFi

Website: Token Fabrik

Token Fabrik pioneers digital investments in industrial IoT assets using the power of decentralized finance (DeFi). Chris Bruppacher, Dimitrios Chatzianagnostou, and Jochen Kaßberger revolutionize IoT-driven investments.


Germany’s IoT startup ecosystem is a realm of innovation, with these 15 startups at the forefront of redefining connectivity and transformation. Through cutting-edge technologies and visionary leadership, they showcase the limitless potential of the Internet of Things, shaping industries and enabling a connected future. As these startups continue to evolve and inspire, Germany’s reputation as an IoT powerhouse is solidified.

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