Unveiling Spain’s Vibrant Consumer Goods Innovators

Exploring 15 Startups Redefining Consumer Experiences in Spain

Spain’s startup landscape is a treasure trove of innovation, particularly in the realm of consumer goods. From fashion to home essentials, these 15 startups are revolutionizing the way consumers shop and experience products. Join us as we delve into the world of Spanish consumer goods startups that are reshaping industries and enhancing consumer lifestyles.

Lubets: Pioneering Intimate Wellness Solutions

Website: Lubets

Lubets is a Spanish-based company specializing in personal lubricants and intimate gels. Driven by a commitment to well-being, the startup merges beauty and personal health, redefining how consumers approach intimate wellness.

Capri Bikes: Empowering Sustainable Mobility

Website: Capri Bikes

Capri Bikes emerges as a leading manufacturer and seller of bicycles, with a focus on electric vehicles. Founder Andres Maldonado leads the startup in promoting sustainable transportation solutions through innovative consumer goods.

Grupo Clever Shopping: Transforming Consumer Experiences

Website: Grupo Clever Shopping

Grupo Clever Shopping stands as a provider of mass consumer and technological goods. With a robust presence in logistics, marketing, and sales, the startup redefines the retail landscape, offering a diverse range of consumer products.

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Stock Brutal: Reviving Accessory Fashion

Website: Stock Brutal

Stock Brutal takes center stage as an online seller of bags, caps, and accessories, breathing new life into fashion. Through their e-commerce platform, the startup brings contemporary accessory trends to consumers across Spain.

Belutex: Elevating Accessory Shopping

Website: Belutex

Belutex introduces an e-commerce store dedicated to bags and accessories, enriching the shopping experience with a curated selection of fashion essentials. With their commitment to style and convenience, the startup redefines accessory shopping.

The Mattress Warehouse: Ensuring Restful Sleep

Website: The Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse caters to consumers seeking quality mattresses and pillow products online. With their e-commerce platform, the startup addresses the vital need for restful sleep and comfortable living.

Electrotres: Enabling Electronics Access

Website: Electrotres

Electrotres emerges as a hub for appliances and electronics, making these products accessible to consumers through online sales. Through their platform, the startup brings innovation and convenience to the realm of consumer electronics.

Children’s Corner: Nurturing Parenthood Through E-commerce

Website: Children’s Corner

Children’s Corner offers a comprehensive online shopping experience for baby products, catering to the needs of parents and caregivers. With their virtual storefront, the startup simplifies parenting essentials.

Distribute Stationery: Redefining Office Supplies

Website: Distribute Stationery

Distribute Stationery reimagines the world of office supplies, offering file cabinets, folders, pens, markers, and paper through their e-commerce platform. The startup showcases the fusion of convenience and practicality in the consumer goods industry.

CIDAF: Innovating the Funeral Industry

Website: CIDAF

CIDAF pioneers the manufacturing and distribution of funerary articles, thanatopraxy, and thanatoesthetics. With a unique focus, the startup adds a transformative touch to the consumer goods market.

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Mamparas Ducha Online: Elevating Bathing Experiences

Website: Mamparas Ducha Online

Mamparas Ducha Online offers an extensive selection of bath and shower screens, trays, hydromassage columns, bars, and bathroom furniture. With their e-commerce presence, the startup enhances bathroom aesthetics and functionality.

Grow Shop Brotes Verdes: Cultivating a Green Lifestyle

Website: Grow Shop Brotes Verdes

Grow Shop Brotes Verdes caters to enthusiasts of horticulture by providing an online store for marijuana seeds, fertilizers, and ozonizers. The startup merges consumer goods with sustainability and lifestyle.

Midgar Freakstore: Fusing Fashion and Gaming

Website: Midgar Freakstore

Midgar Freakstore stands out as an online shop that offers clothing, accessories, games, gift hampers, replicas, handbags, and backpacks. The startup bridges the gap between fashion and gaming culture.

Rosa Ricart Ventura: Enhancing Home and Garden Living

Website: Rosa Ricart Ventura

Rosa Ricart Ventura introduces an e-commerce store for home and gardening tools, LED lighting, cleaning and disinfection equipment, and related gears. The startup enriches consumer experiences in the realm of home improvement.

Nieves Vidal: Elevating Women’s Fashion

Website: Nieves Vidal

Nieves Vidal caters to women seeking a broad range of clothing and accessories. With a focus on women’s fashion, the startup embraces brand marketing and consumer goods, redefining style choices.


The Spanish consumer goods startup scene is a vibrant arena of innovation, as exemplified by these 15 startups. Through their diverse offerings and innovative approaches, they shape consumer experiences across various domains. From fashion and accessories to home essentials and more, these startups showcase the power of entrepreneurship in redefining how we interact with everyday products. Spain’s consumer goods landscape is undoubtedly set for a future filled with creativity and transformation.

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