Trailblazing Mobile App Startups Shaping Spain’s Tech Frontier

Exploring 15 Innovative Mobile App Startups Redefining User Experiences in

Spain’s startup ecosystem is brimming with innovation, and the mobile app sector is no exception. In this article, we delve into 15 remarkable mobile app startups that are transforming industries, enhancing user experiences, and pioneering novel solutions across diverse sectors. From logistics to healthcare and beyond, these startups are leaving their mark on Spain’s digital landscape.

Logistiko Labs: Revolutionizing Logistics Management

Website: Logistiko Labs

Logistiko Labs stands at the forefront of logistics and distribution automation. With their mobile app, they streamline delivery management, optimizing operations for businesses and ensuring efficient supply chain processes.

famileo: Strengthening Social Bonds Digitally

Website: famileo

famileo introduces a heartwarming mobile application that connects families and friends in a digital social networking space. Founded by Armel de Lesquen, the app bridges distances and brings loved ones closer through sharing cherished memories.

Utoppia: Crafting Connected Communities

Website: Utoppia

Utoppia’s mobile app fosters a sense of community, connecting individuals through shared interests. Founded by Mo Alyasini, the app redefines social networking by creating meaningful connections within local and global networks.

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MatchTrial: Innovating Clinical Trial Management

Website: MatchTrial

MatchTrial disrupts clinical trial management with their mobile-based application. By streamlining processes, the startup enhances collaboration between stakeholders, ultimately advancing medical research and patient care.

onmove: Unlocking Seamless Vacation Mobility

Website: onmove

onmove redefines holiday experiences with their mobile app, allowing tourists to easily rent shared vehicles during their vacations. The startup’s platform adds a touch of convenience and mobility to travelers’ journeys.

Loonfy: Simplifying Payroll Management

Website: Loonfy

Loonfy brings ease to payroll management for companies and employees alike. Their mobile app offers a seamless platform for handling financial aspects, transforming the way businesses manage payments. Empowering Professional Networking

Website: creates an ecosystem for professionals to support one another’s growth. Their mobile app revolutionizes networking, fostering collaborations and connections that propel businesses forward.

El CoCo: Navigating Nutritional Choices

Website: El CoCo

El CoCo’s mobile app empowers users to understand the nutritional value of food, offering insights into healthier choices. The startup aligns with wellness trends by providing users with valuable dietary information.

Kloogo: Bridging Startups and Talent

Website: Kloogo

Kloogo’s matchmaking application bridges startups with talented job seekers. Founded by Adomas Dičius, Ainis Visokinskas, and Justas Beržinskas, the mobile app fuels entrepreneurship by connecting innovative minds.

Telefarmacia App: On-demand Pharmacy Services

Website: Telefarmacia App

Telefarmacia App brings pharmacies to users’ fingertips with their mobile application. This startup enhances accessibility to pharmaceutical services, catering to the modern consumer’s needs.

WavyDrive: Mastering Safer Driving

Website: WavyDrive

WavyDrive’s application platform focuses on improving driving habits and safety. The startup leverages mobile technology to empower users with insights into their driving behaviors.

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IIInigence: Crafting Digital Experiences

Website: IIInigence

IIInigence excels in software development, creating modern web, desktop, and mobile applications. Founded by Jude C. Lee, the startup delivers technology solutions that enhance user experiences.

Gorila Digital: Designing Digital Solutions

Website: Gorila Digital

Gorila Digital emerges as a software design and development powerhouse, shaping user experiences through mobile app solutions. The startup exemplifies innovation through creative digital solutions.

Oxigent: Pioneering Software and Hardware Development

Website: Oxigent

Oxigent offers software and electronic hardware development services, elevating businesses through technological solutions. The startup’s expertise spans both software and hardware domains.

Studio Digitup: Cultivating Digital Excellence

Website: Studio Digitup

Studio Digitup brings together expertise in software development, UX design, and web development. The startup crafts digital solutions that elevate user experiences across industries.


Spain’s mobile app startup scene is a testament to the nation’s spirit of innovation. These 15 startups showcase the power of technology in transforming industries and enhancing user experiences. From logistics to social networking, healthcare to automotive, these startups are redefining Spain’s digital landscape and leaving a mark that extends far beyond the boundaries of their apps.

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