Weaving the Future: The Netherlands’ Top 15 Textiles Startups

Unraveling innovation in the textile industry with an array of creative, sustainable, and digitally-focused startups in The Netherlands

House of U: Digitalizing Textile Printing

House of U is a digital textile printing company catering to the fashion industry. By leveraging e-commerce, fashion, printing, and textile trends, House of U is setting the tone for the future of fashion printing.

NOSY TWO: Online Marketplace for Textiles and Jewelry

NOSY TWO serves as an online marketplace for jewelry and clothing, connecting creators and consumers in a dynamic virtual marketplace.

AY Reclame: Merging Advertising and Textile Printing

AY Reclame specializes in corporate and vehicle advertising, printing, window film, and textile printing. They are redefining how businesses communicate visually, utilizing innovative textile applications.

Gymsupply: Fitness Activewear and Accessories

Gymsupply is an online retail store selling gym, fitness, activewear, and accessories for men and women. The startup exemplifies the successful intersection of retail and textile innovation.

De tandenfee: Clothing and Jewelry E-Marketplace

De tandenfee is an online marketplace for clothing and jewelry. With an eye on trends and quality, the startup brings style and convenience to consumers’ doorsteps.

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Fashion Lovers: Diverse Range of Brands and Accessories

Fashion Lovers is an e-commerce platform offering a wide range of clothing brands and accessories for both men and women. Their extensive catalogue showcases the power of textiles in defining lifestyle and personality.

Blush & Brown: Children’s Clothing Online Marketplace

Blush & Brown brings the latest in children’s clothing to their online marketplace, offering diverse, quality textile goods in a child-friendly environment.

Moslima Fashion: Culturally-Inclusive Clothing Marketplace

Moslima Fashion is an online marketplace offering clothing and sportswear with a focus on inclusive fashion, bridging the gap between tradition and trends.

Yoki: Children’s Apparel, Accessories, and Home Décor

Yoki distributes apparel and accessories for children, along with home décor. The startup is a one-stop online store for a family’s textile needs.

Tess Liva: Handmade Children’s Clothing

Tess Liva offers a collection of handmade clothing for kids. By focusing on quality and craftsmanship, Tess Liva is bringing the charm of handmade textiles to a younger audience.

Lacessere: Diverse Lifestyle Brand for Men

Lacessere is a web-shop delivering a diverse selection of lifestyle brands for men, proving that textiles and fashion are integral to self-expression and individual style.

BijGingie: Trendy Children’s Clothing and Accessories

BijGingie stays abreast of the latest trends, offering a wide range of clothing and accessories for children. Their collections are as vibrant and dynamic as the children they cater to.

Het Laatste Garen: Knitting Products and Accessories

Het Laatste Garen is an online store specializing in wool, yarn, knitting products, and accessories, serving as a hub for the knitting community and textile enthusiasts alike.

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Est’Seven: Comprehensive Range of Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Est’Seven offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for women. They showcase how textiles can be transformed into pieces that enhance and celebrate femininity.

Tofvoz: Apparel and Gifts for Children

Tofvoz manufactures and retails apparel and gifts for children. They fuse creativity and quality, producing items that bring joy to the little ones.

These startups are not only shaping the textile industry landscape in The Netherlands, but are also setting a precedent for the global market. Through their innovative approaches, they are weaving a sustainable and digital future for the textile industry.

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