Constructing the Future: Italy’s Top 15 Construction Startups

Reimagining the construction sector with a blend of design, technology, and sustainability in Italy's vibrant startup scene

NESTART: Blending Architecture and Interior Design

NESTART provides interior design and architecture services, exemplifying the creative aspect of the construction industry with an impressive blend of form and function.

GP2: Monitoring Systems for Industrial Infrastructure

GP2 provides safety monitoring systems for industrial infrastructure, offering an innovative approach to construction and safety standards in industrial settings.

RE-sign: Promoting the Circular Economy in Construction

RE-sign is a digital platform that promotes the circular economy in the architecture and construction sector, underscoring the necessity of sustainable practices in building design and execution.

Tombolini & Associati: Construction and Business Management Consulting

Tombolini & Associati is a consulting agency that blends construction expertise with business management, offering holistic solutions to industry challenges.

SERPICO: Sustainability and Project Integration in Construction

SERPICO provides sustainable energy solutions, renewables, and project design integration for the construction industry, pointing the way towards a greener future in construction.

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APS: Creating Play Areas for Children

APS designs and builds play areas for children, adding a playful touch to the construction industry while adhering to safety and innovation standards.

Sheer Wood: Specialists in Wooden Structures

Sheer Wood designs and builds houses, bungalows, glamping tents, and green building houses, using wood as a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing material in construction.

Maccia Building Materials: Building Material Sales and Architectural Design

Maccia Building Materials specializes in the sale of building materials and architectural design, providing high-quality materials for innovative construction projects.

Rova 4.0: Solutions for Seismic Improvements and Energy Efficiency

Rova 4.0 develops solutions and systems for seismic improvement and energy efficiency in buildings, highlighting the importance of construction in disaster risk reduction.

Easycharge: Building Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Easycharge provides management and construction of public charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, combining the construction and electric mobility sectors in a novel way.

Rinnow: Redefining Residential Structures

Rinnow transforms the property of study, research, and development for the design and restyling of residential structures. They’re reshaping how we live by reinventing the spaces we inhabit.

Pharos Heritage: Enhancing Cultural Heritage through Construction

Pharos Heritage offers services enhancing cultural heritage, monumental complexes, and architectural works, preserving Italy’s rich historical legacy through careful construction and restoration.

Etesias: Incorporating 3D Printing in Construction

Etesias designs and develops load-bearing structural members in concrete using 3D printing technology, pioneering a new era of digital construction. Specializing in Plumbing and Electric Services specializes in plumbing, electric, and related services for businesses and professionals in the construction sector, solidifying their presence in the practical aspects of construction and renovation.

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Bow: Building Sanitized Toilets Powered by Renewable Energy

Bow builds sanitized toilets and showers that run on renewable energy. Their innovation contributes to the health, hygiene, and environmental sustainability in construction.

These startups are carving new pathways in Italy’s construction industry, utilizing design, technology, and sustainable practices to reshape the country’s architectural landscape. They serve as a testament to the innovative spirit thriving in Italy’s construction sector.

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