Fashion Forward in Noord-Brabant: Unveiling 15 Innovative Fashion Startups

Exploring the Fashion Entrepreneurs of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Noord-Brabant, a region known for its innovation and creativity, is now at the forefront of the fashion industry’s evolution. In this article, we delve into the exciting world of fashion startups in Noord-Brabant, showcasing 15 ventures that are redefining the way we shop, style, and express ourselves.

House of U: Digital Textile Magic

House of U is a digital textile printing company specializing in fashion. With a focus on creativity, they’re bringing a digital touch to the world of fabrics.

Neal’s Clothing: Elevating Wardrobes Digitally

Neal’s Clothing is an online fashion store offering an array of clothing options for men and women. From t-shirts to jeans and jackets, they’re reshaping digital wardrobes.

Halaal Style: Modesty Meets Online Fashion

Halaal Style is an online store catering to Islamic fashion. Their platform offers a range of clothing options that combine style and modesty.

Shannon Poppeliers: Where Fashion Meets Elegance

Shannon Poppeliers is an e-commerce platform that offers women’s clothing and jewelry accessories. Their digital space is a haven for fashion enthusiasts.

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Keurig Kindje: Style for the Little Ones

Keurig Kindje provides stylish and unique baby clothes from various brands. With a focus on style and comfort, they’re dressing the little ones in style.

Boutique by Chloé’s: Luxury for the Little Royals

Boutique by Chloé’s is an online boutique offering luxury and exclusive baby and toddler clothes and accessories. They’re bringing sophistication to the youngest fashionistas.

Moslima Fashion: Fashion Empowerment Online

Moslima Fashion is an online marketplace for clothing and sportswear. They’re connecting fashion-conscious individuals with a range of stylish options.

Delighted Clothing: Style for Men, Delivered Online

Delighted Clothing offers a wide selection of men’s clothing and accessories through their internet shop. Their digital space is a haven for men’s fashion.

Da-Lise: Your Online Fashion Destination

Da-Lise is an e-commerce store catering to fashion products. They’re providing an online destination for fashion enthusiasts to explore and shop.

TORO Amsterdam: Urban Fashion, Online

TORO Amsterdam brings urban fashion to the digital sphere with their collection of hoodies, t-shirts, and bags. Their style is all about embracing the city’s energy.

Basic Circle: Timeless Fashion Finds

Basic Circle is an online shop dedicated to basic and timeless jewelry and fashion accessories. They’re curating a collection that transcends trends.

Yadero Herenmode: Fashion for Him, Online

Yadero Herenmode is an e-commerce store catering to men’s fashion. From clothing to accessories, they’re shaping the modern man’s wardrobe.

Luthos: Where Fashion Meets Convenience

Luthos is an online store offering clothes and fashion accessories. They’re making fashion accessible at the click of a button.

Littlebag: Bags and Accessories, Digitally Delivered

Littlebag is an online store dedicated to bags and accessories. They’re bringing a range of fashion accents to digital shoppers.

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Lotte’s jewellery: Adorning with Elegance

Lotte’s jewellery is an online webshop for jewelry and accessories. They’re adorning individuals with pieces that make a statement.

In Noord-Brabant, fashion is not just clothing; it’s an expression of creativity, innovation, and identity. These 15 fashion startups are weaving together the threads of style, technology, and entrepreneurship, creating a vibrant tapestry of fashion innovation. Stay tuned for more insights into Noord-Brabant’s dynamic startup scene on

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