Paris Unveiled: Exploring 15 Finance Startups Shaping the City of Lights

A Journey Through Paris' Innovative Finance Landscape: Meet the Trailblazing Startups

Amidst the romantic backdrop of Paris, a new kind of revolution is unfolding – the revolution of financial innovation. In this article, we dive into the heart of the city to introduce you to 15 captivating finance startups that are redefining the financial landscape of Paris and beyond.

SheeldMarket: Cryptocurrency Trading with Privacy

SheeldMarket is a cryptocurrency trading platform that prioritizes privacy by keeping market participants’ positions hidden. Co-founded by Arnaud Carrere, Oliver Yates, and Simon Douyer, this startup is providing a secure and private trading experience.

Vybe: Empowering the Youth with Digital Payments

Vybe empowers young people aged 13 to 18 with a digital payment platform. With founders Alexandre PIDAULT, Brice Garnier, and Maxence Cornet at the helm, Vybe is shaping the future of youth-centric finance.

Aria: Redefining B2B Payments

Aria introduces instant payment as the new B2B standard with its Payment-terms-as-a-Service platform. Founded by Clément Carrier and Vincent Folny, Aria is streamlining business payments.

Fygr: Cash Management Reinvented

Fygr offers cash management and forecasting solution services, transforming the way businesses handle their finances. With Geoffrey LAIRD leading the way, Fygr is enhancing financial management.

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mondaycar: Hassle-Free Car Subscriptions

mondaycar offers a hassle-free car subscription service, revolutionizing the way people access transportation. Founder Sébastien Louit is making car ownership more convenient.

KIMPA – Impact Investing: Capital with Positive Impact

KIMPA deploys capital for positive environmental and social impact investments. With founders Julien Lescs, Olivier Rieu, and Vincent Piche, KIMPA is aligning finance with sustainability.

Frst: Nurturing French Entrepreneurs

Frst is a seed-focused venture firm nurturing a new generation of French entrepreneurs with global aspirations. Co-founded by Bruno Raillard and Pierre Entremont, Frst is empowering startups.

EquiSafe: Digital Investment Banking Reimagined

EquiSafe is an all-in-one Digital Investment Banking Infrastructure making investment opportunities accessible at scale. Founder Bilal EL ALAMY is shaping the future of investment.

WAGAS Group: Pioneering Investment in Emerging Technologies

WAGAS Group provides an investment platform for cybernetics, AI, and emerging technologies. With Jonathan Partouche at the helm, WAGAS Group is driving innovation in finance.

KLS: Connecting Finance and Sector Companies

KLS is an online platform offering financial services to private and public sector companies. KLS is fostering financial connectivity and growth.

Global Sovereign Advisory: Financial Expertise for a Global Audience

Global Sovereign Advisory offers financial expertise and debt collection services. Founder Anne-Laure Kiechel is providing financial guidance to businesses worldwide.

Akiba Business Partners: Strategy for Innovation

Akiba Business Partners is a strategy consulting firm driving innovation. With Kamayou Christian leading the team, Akiba Business Partners is shaping strategic visions.

Finetudes: Navigating Finance Through Knowledge

Finetudes is a finance-focused think-tank providing knowledge, research, and analysis. This startup is guiding the financial discourse with expert insights.

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LFC Courtage: Empowering Home Financing

LFC Courtage is a mortgage brokerage firm offering expertise in mortgage and credit solutions. LFC Courtage is facilitating home financing for individuals and families.

Future Positive Capital: Investing in Deep Tech Innovation

Future Positive Capital is an investment firm dedicated to deep tech companies. Co-founded by Alexandre Terrien, Michael Rosen, and Sofia Hmich, Future Positive Capital is propelling technological advancement.

Amidst the historical charm of Paris, these 15 finance startups are crafting a new financial narrative. With innovation as their driving force, they are reshaping the way we interact with money, investments, and business transactions. Stay tuned for more insights into Paris’ vibrant startup scene on

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