Stockholm’s E-Commerce Rising: Exploring 15 Innovative Startups Shaping the Future

Unveiling Stockholm's Trailblazing E-Commerce Ventures Transforming Online Shopping

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is not only a hub of culture and history but also a thriving center for e-commerce innovation. In this article, we delve into the vibrant world of Stockholm’s e-commerce startups, showcasing 15 exciting ventures that are revolutionizing the online shopping landscape.

Estrid: Empowering Women’s Personal Care

Estrid is an online portal dedicated to women’s personal care products. Founded by Alan Aygun and Amanda Westerbom, this startup is creating a seamless shopping experience for women seeking high-quality personal care items.

xNomad: Redefining Retail Spaces

xNomad is a marketplace connecting brands and e-commerce stores with short-term retail spaces. Co-founded by Jonathan Haralambakis, this startup is transforming the way brands engage with physical retail. Sharing Homemade Goodness introduces a unique marketplace where colleagues can buy and sell home-cooked lunches at work. Founded by Aleksey Nikulin, this startup brings a fresh twist to lunchtime convenience.

Macade Golf: Elevating Golf Apparel

Macade Golf is a golf apparel concept designed by passionate sportswear designers and golf enthusiasts. Founder Erik Villadiego is bringing style and functionality to golf fashion.

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Silvercut: Shaping E-Commerce in Jewelry

Silvercut is an e-commerce firm that specializes in jewelry and retail. With a focus on quality and style, Silvercut is redefining the way people shop for jewelry.

Skinfo: SaaS Revolutionizing Beauty

Skinfo combines SaaS, e-commerce, and health technology to provide solutions for the beauty industry. Founded by Lena Skiba, this startup is transforming B2B beauty services.

Djerf Avenue: Fashion Without Seasons

Djerf Avenue is a fashion brand offering non-seasonal, ready-to-wear clothing, swimwear, and accessories. With a focus on sustainability, this startup is challenging traditional fashion norms.

The Noble Shoe: Crafting Handmade Elegance

The Noble Shoe is an e-commerce brand that designs and sells Goodyear welted and handmade shoes and accessories. With attention to craftsmanship, this startup is bringing elegance to footwear.

Boneo: Streamlining Real Estate

Boneo is a housing site for buying and selling homes. This startup is making real estate transactions more accessible and efficient for both buyers and sellers.

Gemme: Affordable Fashion Rental

Gemme enables users to rent exquisite fashion products from the collections shared by fashionistas. With founder Tomas Meerits leading the way, Gemme is revolutionizing fashion consumption.

Digikik: E-Commerce Marketing Experts

Digikik Media is a full-service e-commerce agency providing marketing and web services. With a focus on growth, this startup is propelling brands to success.

SWATI Cosmetics: Redefining Beauty E-Commerce

SWATI Cosmetics is revolutionizing beauty e-commerce. Founder Vishal Nanda’s vision brings innovation to consumer goods, fashion, and lifestyle products.

ami Lab: Facial Features through AI

ami Lab uses machine learning to unveil key facial features from a database of models. Charlotta Kjellstrand and Peter Xiong are driving innovation in advertising and AI.

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Astrid Wild: Outdoor Clothing for Women

Astrid Wild is an outdoor clothing brand designed exclusively for women. With founders Jemina Pomoell and Maria Paulsson Rönnbäck, this startup is empowering women in outdoor pursuits.

Vembla: Grocery Shopping in Minutes

Vembla offers a unique grocery shopping experience with deliveries in minutes. With Dino Todorovic, Hicham Larhnimi, and Sebastian Malmberg at the helm, Vembla is redefining last-mile grocery delivery.

These 15 Stockholm-based e-commerce startups are transforming the online shopping landscape, infusing innovation, convenience, and creativity into every transaction. Stay tuned for more insights into Stockholm’s vibrant startup scene on

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