Navigating the Digital Landscape: Lombardia’s Pioneering Digital Marketing Startups

Exploring innovative digital marketing solutions from the heart of Lombardia, Italy.

Lombardia, a hub of creativity and entrepreneurship in Italy, is fostering a dynamic ecosystem of digital marketing startups. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 standout companies that are transforming the way businesses connect with customers and optimize their online presence.

Website: is a global platform that unites high-end bike brands, dealers, and enthusiasts, revolutionizing the cycling industry.


Website: Moderne

Moderne is an insight and collaboration platform that fuels creativity with ideas, trends, and innovations for advertising and digital marketing.


Website: neuno

Neuno introduces a pioneering platform for buying, selling, and trading fashion NFTs, fusing digital marketing and blockchain technology.


Website: MetaDig

MetaDig is a web agency dedicated to crafting and executing digital strategies that drive online growth through acquisition channels.

Natural Index

Website: Natural Index

Natural Index revolutionizes SEO with a focus on organic, sustainable practices that enhance domain trust and long-term website performance.


Website: SocioViz

SocioViz empowers digital journalism, marketing, and social research with its social media analytics platform.


Website: On2Off

On2Off is an Ad-Tech company that’s reshaping digital marketing and advertising strategies.


Website: Wrdigital

Wrdigital elevates online presence with services spanning graphic design, marketing, SEO, video production, and social media management.

Sport Digital House

Website: Sport Digital House

Sport Digital House stands as a digital sports marketing agency, leveraging digital marketing to engage fans and drive sports-related businesses.

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GAMS Platform

Website: GAMS Platform

GAMS Platform is a digital marketing agency offering branding, graphic design, skill validation, and social media advertising services.

Next Edge

Website: Next Edge

Next Edge empowers businesses with web marketing strategies, digital engagement, and analytics-driven decision-making.


Website: Dijiti

Dijiti excels in e-commerce, app, and website development, aiding businesses in their digital transformations.


Website: Retablo

Retablo specializes in SEO, SEM, digital marketing, social media strategy, and virtual reality services, crafting comprehensive marketing solutions.


Website: TogoLead

TogoLead is a dynamic digital marketing agency, propelling businesses forward with cutting-edge marketing strategies.


Website: GILBI.CO

GILBI.CO is your partner for website development, online advertising, SEO, and more, facilitating businesses’ digital journeys.

These 15 digital marketing startups in Lombardia are at the forefront of reshaping the online landscape. With innovation as their driving force, they empower businesses to thrive in the digital era, offering creative solutions, data-driven insights, and transformative strategies.

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