Exploring Noord-Holland’s Thriving IT Startups: 15 Innovative Companies Driving the Future

Noord-Holland, a province in the Netherlands, is home to a thriving startup ecosystem with a focus on Information Technology. In this article, we showcase 15 interesting startups that are driving innovation and revolutionizing industries in Noord-Holland. From Fintech to Health Care, these startups are making waves in their respective industries.

Sentinels: AI-Powered Transaction Monitoring

Sentinels is an AI-powered transaction monitoring startup that helps financial services companies monitor transactions for suspicious activity. Founded by Joost van Houten, the platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and flag them for further investigation.

Vosbor: Digital Grain and Oilseed Trading Platform

Vosbor is a digital grain and oilseed trading platform that provides a spot and forward market to reconcile trade data and securely share documents. Founded by Maarten Elferink, the platform aims to streamline the grain and oilseed trading process for agricultural businesses.

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Origin: Personalized Trip Planning Services

Origin is an application software that provides personalized trip planning services. Founded by Eli Bressert and Tamar van de Paal, the platform uses advanced algorithms to provide users with tailored recommendations for their next trip.

Hypherdata: Closed Data Marketplace for Life Science

Hypherdata is a B2B closed data marketplace for life science. The platform allows users to get confidential introductions to providers of health data and AI services. Founded by Jana Miniarikova, Mehrzad Karami, and Sjoerd Geurts, Hypherdata aims to provide a secure platform for the exchange of sensitive health data.

Prosus: Consumer Internet Group and Technology Investor

Prosus is a consumer internet group and technology investor that operates and invests in markets with long-term growth potential. Founded by Bob van Dijk, Prosus invests in fintech, information and communications technology (ICT), internet, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

CrawlQ.ai: Advanced AI-Powered Market Research and AI-Content Writer

CrawlQ.ai is an AI-powered market research and AI-content writer for founders, marketers, and content writers. Founded by Harish Kumar and Vinita Singh, the platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide insights into market trends and create high-quality content.

Silverflow: Cloud-Based Processing Platform for Payments

Silverflow is a cloud-based processing platform that provides an upgrade for payment providers to accelerate technological innovation. Founded by Anne Willem De Vries, Paul Buying, and Robert Kraal, the platform aims to improve the efficiency and security of payment processing.

Attendi: Customized Speech Technology Solutions for Healthcare

Attendi develops customized speech technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Founded by Berend Jutte and Diederik de Rave, the platform uses natural language processing and speech recognition to improve the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare communication.

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SurveyAuto: Machine Learning on Satellite Imagery for Survey Targets

SurveyAuto uses machine learning on satellite imagery to accurately identify survey targets, track, and monitor enumerators in real-time. Founded by Umar Saif, the platform aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of surveys.

DataChef: Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics Solutions

DataChef develops data mesh, data lake, and predictive analytics solutions on AWS to demystify data and simplify information. Founded by a team of experienced professionals, the platform aims to provide businesses with the tools they need to make informed decisions based on data.

KidsKonnect: Childcare Software for Child Planning and Parent Communication

KidsKonnect is childcare software that includes child planning, staff planning, and parent communication. Founded by Peter Baars, the platform aims to improve the efficiency and quality of childcare services by providing a centralized platform for communication and planning.

TISKO: Web Development, Graphic Design, and Marketing Services

TISKO is an IT company that provides web development, graphic design, and marketing services. Founded by a team of experienced professionals, the platform aims to provide businesses with high-quality and effective IT solutions.

Grinfer: E-Learning Marketplace for On-Demand Online Courses and Teaching

Grinfer is an e-learning marketplace for on-demand online courses, 1-on-1 teaching, and consulting. Founded by a team of experienced professionals, the platform aims to provide users with a flexible and personalized learning experience.

Techspire: State-of-the-Art IT Solutions

Techspire is an IT company that develops state-of-the-art IT solutions to create value for customers. Founded by Freek van Gool, the platform aims to provide businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

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Clappform: AI SaaS Company

Clappform is an AI SaaS company that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide innovative solutions for businesses. Founded by Diego Tolen and Tom Griffioen, the platform aims to help businesses optimize their operations and increase efficiency.


Noord-Holland’s startup ecosystem is home to many exciting and innovative information technology startups. From AI-powered transaction monitoring to personalized trip planning services, these startups are driving innovation and revolutionizing industries. With their focus on efficiency, transparency, and sustainability, these startups are paving the way for a better future.

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