Startup Showcase: PlanRadar, Pioneering Project Communications

Transforming the Real Estate and Construction Industry Through Digital Solutions

Bridging Communication Gaps with PlanRadar

Emerging from the heart of Vienna, Austria, PlanRadar has quickly taken the lead in providing innovative SaaS solutions specifically tailored for the construction and real estate industry. By offering a comprehensive platform for documentation and communication, PlanRadar aims to effectively address the challenges commonly associated with task and defect management, due diligence, and other critical processes within the industry.

Its state-of-the-art platform is easily accessible via the web and comes with native apps compatible with all mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows). This enables project and site managers, architects, planners, technicians, facility managers, and even investors and owners to document and track information efficiently, and in real-time.

Harnessing Tech for Efficient Project Management

A typical real estate project experiences an average of 1-2 issues per 100ft². These issues, if not addressed promptly and correctly, can lead to costly errors and delays. PlanRadar’s SaaS solution transforms the way industry professionals approach these problems.

With its intuitive platform, stakeholders can document tasks, defects, and other forms of critical information directly from the construction or project site using their tablet or smartphone. This data can then be assigned in real-time to the responsible parties. Through this immediate relay and assignment of information, PlanRadar significantly reduces the time and costs traditionally associated with project management in the construction and real estate industry.

The Global Reach and Impact of PlanRadar

Currently, PlanRadar proudly serves more than 7,000 customers and has over 60,000 users from 45 different countries worldwide. The impact of PlanRadar’s solutions on these users’ efficiency is staggering: every week, thousands of PlanRadar’s users save up to 7 working hours.

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These numbers are a testament to PlanRadar’s commitment to bringing smart, innovative solutions to an industry that is ripe for digitization. With the continued use of its technology, PlanRadar is poised to leave a lasting and positive mark on the global construction and real estate industry.





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