Startup Showcase: InConnect: Revolutionizing with Smart Tech

Pioneering Risk Management with Personal Home Safety Platforms

Welcome to another feature of’ Startup Showcase, where we spotlight the most promising and innovative startups in Europe. Today’s spotlight falls on InConnect, an Amsterdam-based startup leveraging smart homes and IoT technology to transform home safety and insurance.

A New Wave in Home Safety

InConnect is at the forefront of a new wave in home safety. Recognizing the game-changing potential of smart homes and IoT, the company is revolutionizing how we handle everyday safety, starting within our own homes. InConnect harnesses the power of a growing number of sensors and data sources, taking safety as a starting point to create a fully digital customer journey that logically ties safety and insurance together for better outcomes.

Safety Scans and Value-Added Services

InConnect’s approach is rooted in technology and data, incorporating safety scans, value-added services, and dynamic insurance into a comprehensive package. Their proprietary Quick Scan Home Safety is an innovative tool that can assess potential fire, burglary, water, and cyber risks, and provide personalized solutions for homeowners. The goal is to preemptively address and mitigate risks, potentially reducing up to 50% of home insurance claims in these areas.

A Robust, Centralized System for Better Outcomes

The company has laid the groundwork for their connected home insurance concept, which includes functioning prototypes, safety models, insurance products, and a robust, centralized system approach. Market research and initial tests show promising results, and the startup is currently seeking funding to achieve its next milestones. The central safety theme of InConnect presents a unique value proposition for any B2C organization looking to broaden their offering and increase customer share of wallet.

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InConnect is taking a revolutionary approach to home safety and insurance. By leveraging IoT technology and smart home advancements, the company is bridging the gap between safety and insurance, creating a cohesive, data-driven approach that not only protects homes but also seeks to prevent potential incidents. Through its innovative solutions, InConnect is paving the way for a safer, more secure future for homeowners across Europe and beyond.


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