Discovering Lombardia’s Startup Ecosystem: 15 Information Technology Startups to Watch

Lombardia, one of the wealthiest regions in Italy, has a burgeoning startup ecosystem with a focus on Information Technology. In this article, we showcase 15 interesting startups that are driving innovation and revolutionizing industries in Lombardia. From Fintech to Biotechnology, these startups are making waves in their respective industries.

Zappyrent: Fast and Safe House Rentals Made Easy

Zappyrent is a Fintech startup that has created a marketplace for long-term house rentals that is fast and safe. Founded by Antonino Leonardi and Lino Leonardi, the platform allows tenants to rent houses without a security deposit and guarantees rental income to landlords.

Photonpath: Integrated Photonic Devices for Data Transmission

Photonpath is a startup that designs and produces integrated photonic devices for data transmission. Founded by Douglas Aguiar, the company uses light to obtain, transmit, and process information, making data transmission faster and more efficient.

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Memento Labs: Intelligent Systems for Cybersecurity and Privacy

Memento Labs is an Information Technology and Services company that specializes in Cybersecurity, Intelligent Systems, and Privacy. Their solutions are tailored for the digital age and are designed to address the challenges posed by the evolving technological landscape.

Mobbi: Power Bank Rental Service Provider

Mobbi is a startup that provides a power bank rental service for mobile devices. Founded by Francesco D’Onofrio, the company aims to provide a solution to the problem of low battery life in mobile devices.

BGreen Technologies: Biotechnology Consulting for Sustainable Business Practices

BGreen Technologies is a startup that offers its expertise in biotechnology to companies. The company specializes in consulting for sustainable business practices and aims to reduce the environmental impact of businesses while improving their efficiency.

Vittoria Hub: Modern Workspace for the Insurtech Sector

Vittoria Hub is a project of modern workspace for the Insurtech sector. Founded by Gian Franco Baldinotti, the platform is designed to provide a collaborative workspace for startups in the Insurtech sector.

Eonpass: Open Protocol for Shipment Data

Eonpass is a startup that has developed an open protocol for the exchange of integrity proofs and origin of shipments data. Founded by Thomas Rossi, the platform aims to provide transparency and trust in the supply chain management process.

DILS: Digital Transformation Partner for Innovative Ideas

DILS is a startup that provides consulting services for digital transformation and technological tools necessary to realize innovative ideas. Their solutions are designed to optimize digital transformation and improve efficiency in the service industry.

The Orange Seed: Travel-Tech Solutions for the Travel Industry

The Orange Seed is a startup that specializes in providing travel-tech solutions for the travel industry. Their solutions are tailored for adventure travel and aim to provide a seamless experience for travelers.

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Mokapen: Online CRM Platform for Customer Management

Mokapen is an online CRM platform that manages projects, tasks, and contacts of customers, partners, and suppliers. The platform is designed to improve customer service and efficiency in customer management.

Vemini: Biometric-Based Authentication Solution Provider

Vemini is a startup that provides a biometric-based authentication solution for secure access control. Their solutions are designed to improve security and efficiency in the authentication process.

CoderIT: Website Development, Software Development, and IT Consulting Services

CoderIT is a startup that specializes in website development, software development, and IT consulting services. Their solutions are tailored for businesses and aim to improve efficiency in software development and IT consulting services.

The Reset Company: Information Technology and Software Development Services

The Reset Company provides Information Technology and Software Development services, including analysis, design, management, and support. Founded by Massimo Lafranconi, the company aims to provide innovative and tailored solutions for their clients’ software and IT needs.

Shit: Software Development and IT Consulting Services for Supply Chain Management

Shit is a startup that provides software development and IT consulting services for supply chain management. Their solutions are designed to improve efficiency in supply chain management and streamline processes for businesses. Next-Generation Digital Advertising Tools for Customer Profiling is a startup that is building a new generation of digital advertising tools to leverage proximity engagement and customer profiling. Their solutions are designed to improve customer engagement and provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior.


Lombardia’s startup ecosystem is vibrant and full of promising startups in Information Technology. These 15 startups we showcased are just a sample of the many innovative and forward-thinking companies driving innovation and revolutionizing industries in Lombardia. With their focus on efficiency, transparency, and sustainability, these startups are paving the way for a better future.

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