Startup Showcase: Opportuno – The German Job Search Engine for Direct Employer Listings

Looking for a job in Germany can be a daunting task, with hundreds of job search engines and company websites to navigate. Opportuno, a German job search engine, aims to make the process easier by specializing in finding jobs directly on employers’ websites.

A Unique Approach

Opportuno was founded on the premise that only a fraction of job offers from Germany’s top companies gets posted on conventional online job boards. The majority of job opportunities can only be found on the companies’ websites, which makes it challenging for job seekers to identify all available opportunities. Opportuno aims to collect all job offers from around 1,500 German companies and make them available through a fast live-search interface. This unique approach allows job seekers to find more transparent and relevant results with fewer duplicates than job search engines following the Indeed/SimplyHired-model, which combine results from all sources into one list.

Fast and Easy Search

Opportuno’s live-search interface makes it easy for job seekers to find opportunities quickly. The website offers a fast search engine that crawls company websites in real-time to identify new job offers. Opportuno’s search algorithm is designed to weed out outdated offers and duplicates, ensuring that users see only the most recent and relevant job offers.

Transparent and Relevant Results

By specializing in finding jobs directly on employers’ websites, Opportuno offers a more transparent and relevant search experience than conventional job search engines. Job offers are displayed in a clear and consistent format, making it easy to compare offers across different companies.

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Final Thoughts

With its unique approach, Opportuno offers job seekers in Germany an innovative way to search for job opportunities directly on employers’ websites. Its fast live-search interface and transparent and relevant results make it a valuable tool for anyone seeking a job in Germany.


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