Catalonia’s App Ecosystem: 15 Innovative Startups Redefining Mobile Experiences

Exploring the vibrant world of mobile apps in Catalonia, Spain.

Catalonia, with its vibrant culture and innovation-friendly environment, is home to a burgeoning app startup scene. In this article, we’ll dive into 15 exciting mobile app startups that are revolutionizing the way we live, work, and play.


Website: famileo

famileo is a mobile app that brings families closer together through social networking.


Website: MatchTrial

MatchTrial offers a mobile-based application for streamlined clinical trial management.

Smilegate Barcelona

Website: Smilegate Barcelona

Smilegate Barcelona is a software company specializing in online crossfire gaming development services.

El CoCo

Website: El CoCo

El CoCo is an app that provides insights into the real nutritional value of food.


Website: Bankaks

Bankaks is an online shop offering everyday goods and services with online payment and billing capabilities.


Website: Kloogo

Kloogo is a matchmaking application connecting startups with job seekers, fostering innovation.


Website: Explorins

Explorins blends cultural storytelling with technology to create experiential marketing projects.


Website: Oxigent

Oxigent provides software and electronic hardware product development services, driving tech innovation.


Website: Ivack

Ivack is an innovative tool helping entrepreneurs and companies recover VAT on expenses through a web app.


Website: OFF2ON

OFF2ON offers web and app development services, contributing to the digital transformation of businesses.

Faythe Consulting

Website: Faythe Consulting

Faythe Consulting specializes in software development, cybersecurity, and project management, guiding startups to success.

Airtven Latam

Website: Airtven Latam

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Airtven Latam empowers clients to decide how much they want to pay in commissions for services through transparent reporting.


Website: Carbycar

Carbycar is a digital platform connecting individuals with available parking spaces, optimizing urban living.


Website: WiPass

WiPass connects companies and customers in real time, simplifying interactions with a tap of the phone.


Website: Surmile

Surmile is a Discovery eCommerce App catering to parents, enhancing their shopping experiences.

These 15 innovative mobile app startups from Catalonia are at the forefront of technological advancement, shaping how we navigate the digital world. With their creativity and passion, they’re not just developing apps; they’re creating solutions that enhance our lives and redefine our experiences.

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