Madrid’s Financial Services Renaissance: 15 Innovative Startups Leading the Way

Exploring the dynamic landscape of financial innovation in Madrid.

Madrid is not only Spain’s cultural and political capital but also a thriving hub for financial services startups. In this article, we delve into 15 intriguing financial technology (FinTech) companies that are reshaping the financial landscape in Madrid.


Website: Lana

Lana is a financial marketplace in LATAM, empowering gig economy workers with innovative financial services.


Website: Devengo

Devengo offers a B2B API for programmable payouts using cutting-edge payment protocols, streamlining financial transactions.


Website: Lucas

Lucas introduces a novel Rent to Buy model, making homeownership accessible to millennials through innovative financial solutions.

Portfolio Stock Exchange

Website: Portfolio Stock Exchange

Portfolio Stock Exchange is the pioneering stock exchange with primary and secondary markets for equity, debt, and funds.


Website: Criptoro

Criptoro offers blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital marketing, tax consulting, and Bitcoin services, driving FinTech innovation.

Nextep Finance

Website: Nextep Finance

Nextep Finance specializes in designing and monitoring investment funds and portfolios, providing expert financial advisory services.


Website: Findango

Findango offers financing solutions for non-banking companies, addressing their unique financial needs.

Soluciona Mi Deuda

Website: Soluciona Mi Deuda

Soluciona Mi Deuda specializes in over-indebtedness solutions, offering FinTech services to those in need.

Sistema Efactura

Website: Sistema Efactura

Sistema Efactura provides electronic invoicing and factoring solutions for businesses and public administrations.

Pepper Servicing Spain

Website: Pepper Servicing Spain

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Pepper Servicing Spain is a credit management and intelligence company, offering comprehensive financial solutions.

Senda Vivir Seguros

Website: Senda Vivir Seguros

Senda Vivir Seguros offers personal and business insurance products and consulting services, promoting financial security.

Aglaia Capital

Website: Aglaia Capital

Aglaia Capital specializes in corporate finance, alternative investments, and token generating events, driving financial innovation.


Website: StudentFinance

StudentFinance is a global career mobility FinTech platform, revolutionizing reskilling and upskilling in the workforce.


Website: Mumtree

Mumtree invests capital in growth-stage impact companies with a focus on social and environmental impact.

LIBEEN Smart Housing

Website: LIBEEN Smart Housing

LIBEEN makes homeownership accessible through rent-to-buy solutions, transforming the real estate industry.

These innovative financial services startups in Madrid are at the forefront of technological advancement, revolutionizing how we manage and invest our money. With their creative solutions and forward-thinking approaches, they’re contributing to the financial evolution of not just Madrid, but the global financial landscape.

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