The AI Revolution: Young Professionals Anticipate Tech Takeover, But Is UK Ready

Key Takeaways:

  • Massive 61% of young professionals fear AI will consume at least a quarter of their jobs by 2023.
  • Corndel’s report underlines a drastic skills gap, with 82% employees lacking AI training.
  • Data-driven businesses vastly outperform peers, yet skill shortages are impeding UK businesses.

Growing Concerns Over AI’s Role in the Job Market

In an era where tech permeates every sector, it’s no wonder employees are glancing nervously over their shoulders at their digital competitors. Corndel, a strategic skills provider, paints a vivid picture of the future – where AI isn’t just an assistant but a possible replacement.

Millennials & Gen Z: A Digital Generation with Analog Fears

This young generation, known for their tech-savviness, is ironically also the most concerned about technological advancements. Of those aged 18-34, a staggering 38% predict AI will manage at least half of their duties within a decade.

Where’s the Training? The AI Skills Gap Looms Large

However, it’s not just the rise of AI that’s concerning; it’s the lack of preparation for it. Over four-fifths of the workforce have had no AI training, a number that skyrockets to 96% for those over 55. As data-driven firms lead the way, many UK businesses are being left in the digital dust.

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Data-Driven Direction: The Undeniable Impact of Information

McKinsey Global Institute’s research emphasizes the potency of data-driven business models. Companies harnessing data are dramatically more successful in customer acquisition and retention. But without the necessary skills, how can UK businesses expect to compete?

Corndel’s “Better Decisions, Realised Report” unveils the depth of this skills chasm. Nearly every employee engaged in data tasks (92%) recognizes a data skills void within their organization.

Vision of the Future: An AI-Modelled Workplace

During a collaborative event between Corndel and Imperial College Business School, a groundbreaking AI tool, FOO.CASTR, was launched by Dr. Mark Kennedy. This tool doesn’t just predict but visualizes the repercussions of AI on organizational structures and roles.

Bridging the Gap: An In-depth Examination of Data Skill Deficiencies

Beyond the AI hype, Corndel’s comprehensive report offers an exploration into the profound challenges faced by modern businesses. The research highlights:

  • The consequential risks of ignoring continuous skills development.
  • The essential nature of in-job training, blended with online resources and practical tools.
  • The critical role of leadership in driving data proficiency and promoting a culture of adaptability.

Thought Leaders Weigh In

James Kelly, Corndel’s CEO, remarked on the significance of the findings. “The disparity between the rapid advancement of AI and the stagnant growth of our skills is alarming. Our society needs to recognize and address this gap to harness the power of AI truly.”

David Brown, from Imperial College Business School, emphasized the urgency of addressing these challenges, “The time for action is now. The investment in skill development has immediate returns, and the cost of inaction is potentially catastrophic.”

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Strengthening Ties: Corndel’s Collaboration with Imperial College Business School

Corndel, renowned for its transformative training programs, has joined forces with the esteemed Imperial College Business School. The aim is to address these issues head-on, fostering an environment of growth, resilience, and adaptability.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for UK Businesses

As AI continues to entrench itself in every industry, the question isn’t if it will impact jobs, but how much? UK businesses and professionals must acknowledge the imminent digital transformation, emphasizing skills development and data proficiency. With informed strategies, continuous learning, and a proactive approach, the UK can not only face the AI challenge but thrive in this new digital age.

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