Sales Innovations in Gelderland: Unveiling the 15 Promising Startups

Exploring Gelderland's burgeoning startup landscape redefining the world of sales.

Gelderland, nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, is home to a vibrant community of startups revolutionizing the sales industry. In this article, we’ll delve into 15 exciting startups that are making waves in sales across various sectors.


Website: Pockiesling

Pockiesling is your go-to webshop for a wide range of products, from phone cases to cardholders, all featuring removable and adjustable cords for convenience and style.

Alles grillen

Website: Alles grillen

Alles grillen is a BBQ enthusiast’s paradise in Gelderland, offering a delectable array of barbecue herbs, spice rubs, sauces, and top-tier BBQ-making equipment.

Polkadot Stationery

Website: Polkadot Stationery

Polkadot Stationery is a charming webshop specializing in greeting cards and postcards, perfect for adding a personal touch to your correspondence.


Website: 2taktschuur

2taktschuur is the ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts, catering to their needs with a broad range of automotive spare parts.

For babys

Website: For babys

For babys offers adorable baby shoes and clothing accessories, ensuring your little ones are always stylish and comfortable.

Eterna Interieur

Website: Eterna Interieur

Eterna Interieur specializes in sales of home decor accessories, transforming both indoor and outdoor spaces into havens of style and comfort.

Website: is your one-stop e-commerce shop for action cam mounts, catering to adventurers and sports enthusiasts.

Media Lease To Go

Website: Media Lease To Go

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Media Lease To Go is an e-commerce haven for electronics enthusiasts, offering a wide range of electronic products.

Walvis Automotive

Website: Walvis Automotive

Walvis Automotive is your trusted partner in the automotive industry, serving both cars and entrepreneurs with a range of services.

Comfy Wonen

Website: Comfy Wonen

Comfy Wonen specializes in the sale of furniture and home decor accessories, helping you create cozy living spaces.

Dutch Muslima

Website: Dutch Muslima

Dutch Muslima is an Islamic webshop offering a range of religious products and consumer goods.


Website: millor4you

millor4you is your online store for perfume, bracelets, and chain accessories, ensuring you stay stylish and fragrant.

Milo & Milo

Website: Milo & Milo

Milo & Milo is an online shop for fashion products and accessories, redefining your fashion choices.

Hipper Wonen

Website: Hipper Wonen

Hipper Wonen is your online store for home decor products, enhancing your living spaces with style and elegance.

Beautiful Gifts

Website: Beautiful Gifts

Beautiful Gifts specializes in the sale of butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies in frames, cloches, and glass boxes, turning nature into art.

These 15 startups in Gelderland are trailblazing the sales industry, offering innovative products and services that cater to diverse consumer needs. From automotive parts to home decor, they are redefining the art of selling in the digital age.

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