Limburg’s E-Commerce Scene: 15 Innovative Startups Changing the Retail Game

Exploring Limburg's dynamic startup landscape redefining the world of online retail.

Limburg, a picturesque province in the Netherlands, is witnessing a surge in innovative startups that are reshaping the e-commerce landscape. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 exciting startups that are making a significant impact in various niches of the e-commerce industry.

Carp Max

Website: Carp Max

Carp Max is an e-commerce store dedicated to fishing enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of fishing gear and equipment.


Website: Kahoy

Kahoy is an online shop specializing in Filipino wooden and ethnic handicraft products, providing a unique shopping experience for those seeking distinctive home decor and fashion items.

Toilet Tapes

Website: Toilet Tapes

Toilet Tapes is a pioneering manufacturing company committed to sustainability. They provide eco-friendly toilet blocks, assorted boxes, and various household supplies, offering a responsible choice for consumers.



PALMHOF ANTIEK deals in art deco utensils, glassware, lamps, and other timeless pieces, appealing to collectors and aficionados of vintage home decor.

More from Marcel

Website: More from Marcel

More from Marcel is an eclectic web store offering a diverse selection of fun gadgets, electronics, clothing for both men and women, and a variety of gift accessories.

Promising – The Label

Website: Promising – The Label

Promising – The Label is a fashion-forward webshop specializing in clothing accessories, catering to those looking to enhance their style.

C’est belle accessoires

Website: C’est belle accessoires

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C’est belle accessoires is an online shop that provides a delightful collection of jewelry and hair accessories, particularly popular among children and fashion-conscious shoppers.

CS Beaddesign

Website: CS Beaddesign

CS Beaddesign offers a treasure trove of beading patterns, bead products, and accessories, making it a haven for craft enthusiasts.


Website: Jellez-Designs

Jellez-Designs is an online marketplace dedicated to handmade jewelry, connecting artisans with appreciative customers who value unique, handcrafted pieces.


Website: Desixury

Desixury represents a Dutch fashion brand that showcases the creative flair and unique styles of the Netherlands in the realm of fashion.



LAPTOP-OUTLET-DISCOUNTER is an online store offering a wide selection of laptops, desktops, and accessories, ensuring that tech enthusiasts find the gadgets they need.


Website: Sockzz

Sockzz is a versatile retailer and wholesaler specializing in socks, offering a vast assortment of styles and designs to cater to diverse preferences.

GS Imperial

Website: GS Imperial

GS Imperial is a thriving webshop that boasts an exquisite collection of handmade jewelry and accessories, perfect for those seeking distinctive fashion statements.



SUPERFUNK is an online shop that goes beyond fashion by also offering a selection of tools and electronics, ensuring customers can find a wide array of products under one digital roof.


Website: Norskin

Norskin is an online store dedicated to providing high-quality sheepskins, adding warmth and style to homes across the Netherlands.

These 15 startups in Limburg are at the forefront of e-commerce innovation, offering an impressive array of products that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of today’s consumers. From fishing gear to handmade jewelry, they are redefining the online retail landscape in the region.

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