Which Are Transformative Wellness Startups Driving Spain’s Health Revolution?

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As the world continues to embrace healthier lifestyles, wellness has grown into a blossoming sector of the economy. Many startups are catalyzing their innovative ideas to transform the wellness industry, making health more accessible, personalized, and enjoyable. Spain is particularly stand-out for fostering a dynamic hub of wellness startups that are game-changing across various industries. Here are 15 exciting wellness startups from Spain that are reshaping the way we think about health and wellbeing.


Founded by Andrea Oliver and Daniel Tamas, Emjoy is a female-founded femtech startup. It aids women in achieving sexual happiness and fulfillment through guided audios. The startup operates in the health care, internet, wellness, and women’s sectors.

Sana Digital

Sana Digital, led by Roberto Luis Gallardo, is a mobile application that makes medical consultations accessible to everyone. They are pioneering solutions in healthcare, medical, fitness, and wellness industries.


Sliiip is an innovative startup focused on providing sleep telemedicine services. It operates at the crossroads of eyewear, healthcare, and wellness sectors.


Vanessium is a Spanish luxury suncare brand that effortlessly combines cosmetics, e-commerce, and wellness to provide top-tier products for skincare enthusiasts.

PO Psychology

PO Psychology is an online psychological training service. It’s successfully tapping into the healthcare and wellness industry, offering professional help for those seeking growth and self-improvement.

GU Planet

GU Planet sells organic and natural products online. The startup has leveraged e-commerce to promote healthier consumer choices in the healthcare and wellness sector.

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OrtoPrime specializes in orthopedic products, health & wellness supplies, mobility aids, and sports rehabilitation services. They’re contributing significantly to the healthcare industry, ensuring comfort and safety for their users.


An effort championed by Sofia Belenguer Hernández, MyRealFood is a mobile application that evaluates the nutritional quality of food. The app, with its diet-tracking features, healthy recipes, and supportive community, is empowering users to develop healthier eating habits.


Founded by Christopher Launay, Elena Sanchez, and Francisco Arteche Fernandez-Miranda, Yees is a mental healthcare platform. It blends healthcare and wellness to provide users with excellent mental health services remotely.

Oliva Therapy

Started by Javier Suarez and Sançar Şahin, Oliva Therapy is an online therapy service designed for busy people. The startup is changing the game in healthcare, mHealth, personal health therapeutics, and wellness industries.


Based in Spain, Olistic develops natural supplements in drinkable formats for hair health and wellbeing. It spearheads innovation in the health care, nutraceutical, nutrition, personal health, and wellness industries.

Libre Foods

Founded by Alan Iván Ramos, Libre Foods is a biotech startup that aims to liberate the food system. It advocates for a freer future for people, the planet, and animals by developing innovative solutions in the biotechnology, life science, and wellness industries.

GeneraLife IVF

Created by Filippo Maria Ubaldi and Laura Rienzi, GeneraLife IVF provides health, wellness, and fitness services. It’s playing a crucial role in the healthcare, fitness, and wellness sectors by helping individuals achieve their family planning goals.


Planendo is an online platform that features management of fitness and workout videos. The company plays a significant role in the fitness, healthcare, online portals, and wellness industries.

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Imaz Technology Innovation

Imaz Technology Innovation is a technology company that develops flexible electronic systems, cutting-edge technologies, and IoT solutions for health control. It operates in the fitness, Internet of Things, Medical, and wellness sectors.

These startups exemplify the integration of technology and innovation in wellness, each introducing unique solutions to foster healthier lifestyles. As they continue to revolutionize the sector, they contribute significantly to Spain’s reputation as a burgeoning hub of startup activity.

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