Startup Showcase: iCarry – Revolutionizing Delivery through the Sharing Economy

Deliver with Ease, Connect with Trust

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we introduce iCarry, an innovative platform from the heart of Italy that is reshaping the delivery landscape through the power of the sharing economy. iCarry enables individuals to swiftly ship their packages within the day by connecting with a community of reliable couriers. Whether you need to send documents across town or goods to a distant city, iCarry is here to simplify the process, save time, and reduce costs.

The iCarry Concept: A Seamless Delivery Experience

iCarry operates as a social multi-platform, designed to streamline the delivery process for users and couriers alike. With a focus on simplicity, safety, and cost-effectiveness, iCarry brings together three types of users:

  1. Normal User: If you need to send a package within the day or with faster turnaround, iCarry allows you to enter the start and arrival addresses of the package and easily contact available couriers. The platform ensures transparent pricing, so you only pay what you see without additional fees. Rest assured that all couriers undergo validation through their ID cards, and their performance is monitored by the iCarry team. Live notifications and the “Delivery’s Selfie” feature enable real-time updates and verification of successful deliveries.
  2. Occasional Courier: Are you planning a trip and looking to save money on your travel expenses? Become an occasional courier on iCarry! Registering as a courier is swift and secure; simply upload your information and a valid identity document for validation. Once approved, you can start accepting delivery requests and earn extra money while covering your travel costs. With iCarry’s robust safety measures, users will have already paid for your travel before you pick up their packages.
  3. Professional Courier: iCarry also collaborates with professional couriers already providing pony express services in cities and handling national and international deliveries. These partnerships create a harmonious ecosystem where low and mid-sized delivery companies can coexist with occasional couriers, thereby increasing revenues and expanding their customer base.
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Simplicity, Safety, and Inexpensiveness: The Pillars of iCarry’s Success

iCarry has built its success on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Simplicity: The user-friendly interface allows normal users to easily enter delivery details and select couriers from the available list. For couriers, the registration process is quick, and once validated, they can effortlessly start taking up delivery requests. Live notifications ensure that both users and couriers stay updated throughout the delivery process.
  2. Safety: iCarry prioritizes the safety of its users and couriers. All couriers undergo stringent validation through ID cards, and the platform continuously monitors their performance. Couriers with repetitive negative feedback are promptly removed from the platform. The “Delivery’s Selfie” feature allows senders to verify successful deliveries in real-time, instilling confidence and trust.
  3. Inexpensiveness: Thanks to iCarry’s advanced algorithm and extensive community of couriers, users can benefit from Same-Day-Delivery at the most competitive rates in the market. Couriers, in turn, can efficiently pick up packages to earn extra money while covering their travel expenses.

Join the iCarry Revolution

iCarry’s mission is to transform the delivery experience by providing a seamless, secure, and cost-effective solution through the sharing economy model. By empowering individuals and couriers to connect and collaborate, iCarry is redefining delivery services across Italy and beyond.


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