La Dolce Vita of Advertising: Spotlight on 15 Ad-Tech Startups in Lombardia, Italy

Discover how these 15 Lombardian startups are revolutionizing the world of advertising, infusing traditional techniques with modern technology and creativity.

Moderne: A New Era of Creative Collaboration

Moderne is an insight and collaboration platform providing a wellspring of creative ideas, insights, trends, and innovations. It merges advertising, collaboration, consulting, and digital marketing in a fresh and exciting way.

Jungler: Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing

Jungler is an influencer marketing company. Its cutting-edge approach to content marketing, social media, and overall advertising sets a new standard for engaging audiences.

Advigator: Streamlining Advertising Campaigns

Advigator offers a sophisticated advertising software that simplifies campaign creation, targeting, bid optimization, and bulk operations, streamlining the process for marketers everywhere.

Valuelead: Fueling Business Growth

Valuelead is a powerhouse for advertising, B2B remote sales, lead generation, and vertical content, specifically designed for SMEs, acting as a catalyst for business growth and expansion.

Innovative Digital Export: Comprehensive Digital Agency

Innovative Digital Export provides comprehensive services, including market analysis, Google Ads campaigns, social, and communication, supporting businesses in their digital marketing endeavors. The Future of Proximity Advertising is pioneering a new generation of digital advertising tools, leveraging proximity engagement and customer profiling to create more targeted and effective campaigns.

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Feellab: Crafting Unique Brand Identities

Feellab is a marketing agency offering a myriad of services including branding strategy, project management, product design, and advertising, helping businesses build and showcase their unique brand identities.

On2Off: Innovating in Ad-Tech

On2Off is a forward-thinking Ad-Tech company, using technology to redefine digital marketing in the retail industry and beyond.

Wrdigital: Elevating Online Presence

Wrdigital is dedicated to enhancing online presence through graphic design, marketing, SEO, video, and social network services, creating a holistic approach to digital marketing.

REPUP: Protecting and Enhancing Online Reputations

REPUP specializes in online reputation management, particularly in the food and beverage industry, helping businesses maintain a positive image on social media.

GAMS Platform: Digital Marketing with a Creative Twist

GAMS Platform is a digital marketing agency offering a blend of branding, graphic design, skill validation, and social media advertising services.

Podcastory: Telling Stories through Podcasts

Podcastory is a creative podcast factory. Using this growing medium, they offer a unique way to engage audiences, and bring brands’ stories to life.

Onelab Milano: Merging Sports and Advertising

Onelab Milano is an advertising firm with a twist, providing services in sports marketing, social media management, and communication consulting.

Ragooo: Unleashing the Power of SEO

Ragooo is a digital agency specializing in SEO consulting, campaign management, and data platform assessment services for businesses, helping brands maximize their online visibility.

Glint: Illuminating Brands Online

Glint is an advertising company offering a comprehensive suite of services including web design, content creation, website creation, online shop management, and marketing services.

These Lombardian startups are driving change in the advertising industry, combining creativity, technology, and a deep understanding of audience behavior. Their innovative solutions and services are helping businesses across sectors effectively reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals.

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