“La Rinascita Digitale”: The Rise of 15 Internet Startups in Lombardia, Italy

Discover how these 15 Lombardian internet startups are revolutionizing various industries, ranging from financial services and fashion to education and environmental sustainability.

Qodeup: Digitizing Payments for Restaurants

Qodeup is a digital payment platform designed to streamline transactions in the restaurant industry, bridging the gap between food and beverage services and financial technology.

The Hundred: Nurturing Talent and Entertainment

The Hundred is an innovative holding company that invests in entertainers, integrating media, entertainment, and social interaction on a digital platform.

www.bike-room.com: Pedalling towards a Biking Revolution

www.bike-room.com aims to be the global platform for high-end bikes, creating a connection between brands, dealers, and bikers.

Advigator: Refining Advertising for the Digital Age

Advigator is an advertising software that optimizes campaign creation, targeting, and bid operations, offering a comprehensive solution for internet marketing needs.

Mokapen: Streamlining Customer Relationship Management

Mokapen is an online CRM platform that efficiently manages projects, tasks, and contacts of customers, partners, and suppliers, making business operations more streamlined and effective.

SENSO: Breathing New Life into Apple Devices

SENSO is an electronics company that refurbishes Apple devices using proprietary technology, contributing to the circular economy while delivering value to customers.

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Mobee: Rethinking Urban Mobility Management

Mobee is an integrated platform that leverages IoT to streamline urban mobility management, promoting sustainable transportation.

Proxim.ai: Reinventing Digital Advertising Tools

Proxim.ai is at the forefront of advertising technology, building a new generation of digital tools that leverage proximity engagement and customer profiling.

RnB4culture: Celebrating Historical-Cultural Heritage

RnB4culture is a pioneer in promoting and enhancing historical-cultural heritage, leveraging AI, IoT, and consulting services.

Shh Milano: Crafting Fashion in the Digital Realm

Shh Milano is a fashion brand that specializes in natural cotton fabrics, interpreted in a variety of colors and patterns, bringing sustainable fashion to the online market.

Briq: Pioneering IoT and Energy Efficiency

Briq designs, develops, and markets products and services in the fields of IoT and energy efficiency, driving innovation in sustainability and technology.

HASTERON: Providing Industrial Solutions Through IoT

HASTERON provides analysis, consulting, and industrial solutions for companies, leveraging the power of IoT to solve complex problems.

Printangers: Revolutionizing Large-Format Digital Printing

Printangers is a printing company specializing in digital printing for large format specialists, merging the worlds of traditional printing with the internet.

It’s Campus: Accelerating Startups and Empowering Entrepreneurs

It’s Campus is a startup accelerator and an innovation hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, training, and education, nurturing the next generation of digital leaders.

Kanban One: Visualizing Project Management

Kanban One offers visual Kanban management solutions, featuring a virtual board and analytics, driving efficiency in project management across industries.

Each of these Lombardian startups is utilizing the power of the internet to revolutionize their respective industries, blending innovation, creativity, and technology in remarkable ways. Their stories are an affirmation of Lombardia’s vibrant startup ecosystem and a testament to the region’s digital renaissance.

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