Electrifying Innovation: Exploring Italy’s Top 15 Electronics Startups

Embrace the technological marvels as we delve into the thriving electronics startup landscape of Italy.


Italy’s startup ecosystem is buzzing with innovative ventures in the field of electronics. These startups are revolutionizing industries, from manufacturing to automotive, by pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. In this article, we showcase 15 interesting electronics startups from Italy that are making waves with their groundbreaking solutions. From ultrafast lasers to wireless charging systems and intelligent electronics, these startups are at the forefront of shaping the future. Join us on this electrifying journey as we explore their remarkable contributions.

Lithium Lasers

Lithium Lasers is a manufacturer of compact and robust ultrafast lasers. Their cutting-edge technology serves various industries, including research, medical, and industrial applications.


Enermove designs and develops wireless charging systems for industrial electric vehicles. Their innovative solutions promote efficient and convenient charging, advancing the adoption of electric mobility.


Kiwitron specializes in manufacturing electronics and electricals integrated with IoT and AI technologies. Their range of products includes electronic boards, collision prevention systems, and lane radar.

Melchioni Ready

Melchioni Ready operates an online store offering a wide range of electronics, batteries, audio equipment, electrical materials, and hardware tools. Their platform provides convenient access to quality products for consumers and businesses.


E-Lectra provides engineering solutions for automotive and energy applications. Their expertise in electronics and industrial systems contributes to the development of innovative solutions in the transportation and energy sectors.

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Flim Labs

Flim Labs is a production company specializing in the development of technological components. With their expertise in electronics manufacturing, they contribute to advancements in various industries.


IAMAtek is a leading manufacturer of antennas and electronic systems. Their high-quality products cater to diverse industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and defense.


Tekiin is a research and development company focused on AI and machine learning-powered heating systems. Their innovative solutions enhance energy efficiency and comfort in commercial settings.


iSPACE2o designs and manufactures electric submersible hydrofoil vehicles. Their cutting-edge technology offers an eco-friendly and thrilling boating experience.


SENSO is an electronics company that refurbishes Apple devices and reconditions them using proprietary technology. They contribute to sustainability by giving new life to existing electronics.

GRM tronics

GRM tronics specializes in manufacturing vehicle spare parts for electric vehicles. Their high-quality components contribute to the advancement of the electric mobility industry.


Ingenues provides electronics, mechanics, and tools for various industries. Their expertise in automotive and industrial product design supports innovation and efficiency in manufacturing processes.


PowerPill is an electronics manufacturing company that offers portable battery rental systems and energy-sharing services. Their solutions cater to the growing demand for sustainable and flexible power solutions.


FEMARTECH is a manufacturer of alarm systems, fire detection systems, and gas detection systems. Their products contribute to safety and security in various industries, including residential and commercial settings.


Innoventa designs automated industrial machines, equipment, and plants. Their expertise in electronics and software contributes to the advancement of manufacturing processes and industrial automation.

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These 15 electronics startups from Italy are at the forefront of innovation, driving advancements in various industries. With their groundbreaking solutions, they are reshaping the future of manufacturing, transportation, energy, and more. Keep an eye on these electrifying startups as they continue to push boundaries, revolutionize industries, and contribute to Italy’s position as a hub of technological excellence.

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