Driving Innovation: Exploring Finland’s Leading Information Technology Startups

Finland’s startup ecosystem is flourishing, particularly in the field of Information Technology (IT). This article showcases 15 remarkable IT startups in Finland that are making waves with their innovative solutions and disruptive technologies. From revolutionizing supply chains to enhancing data collaboration and cybersecurity, these startups are driving Finland’s digital transformation and solidifying its position as a hub of technological excellence.

Baia: Optimizing Transparency in Informal Supply Chains

Baia enables trusted and transparent commerce by optimizing and coordinating cash transactions across informal supply chains. The startup is at the forefront of leveraging Information Technology and software solutions to streamline supply chain processes and foster transparency.

Linear: Transforming Real Estate Services with Efficiency and Customer Experience

Linear offers technology services that guarantee maximum efficiency and unique customer experiences in the real estate industry. By utilizing cutting-edge software solutions, Linear is revolutionizing how real estate operations are managed, enhancing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Ellie.ai: Empowering Data Teams with Collaborative Product Design

Ellie.ai is a cloud-based SaaS platform that serves as a Product Design and Collaboration hub for data teams within large enterprises. By providing innovative tools and a collaborative environment, Ellie.ai enables data teams to work seamlessly, fostering improved productivity and accelerating innovation.

N Health Technology: Revolutionizing Mental Health Care

N Health Technology provides a business platform for mental health clinics and practitioners. With a focus on fitness, healthcare, and Information Technology, this startup aims to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of mental health services through technology-driven solutions.

Skyfora: Merging Tropical Storm Science with AI and IoT

Skyfora combines scientific understanding of tropical storms with computer vision, machine learning, and IoT technologies. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, Skyfora aims to enhance our ability to monitor, predict, and mitigate the impact of tropical storms, making significant strides in disaster management.

Meidän IT ja talous Oy: Specializing in Comprehensive IT and Financial Management Services

Meidän IT ja talous Oy specializes in providing financial management, personnel management, project management, and IT services. With their comprehensive suite of offerings, this startup aims to assist organizations in streamlining their operations and achieving optimal efficiency across various business functions.

Cult Security: Pioneering Cybersecurity Solutions for Enhanced Resilience

Cult Security is a cyber security product company specializing in security culture, risk management, cyber resilience, and agile security. By developing cutting-edge solutions and fostering a strong security culture, Cult Security helps organizations strengthen their resilience against cyber threats.

Kaira Clan: Innovating Project Management for Smart Solutions

Kaira Clan is a project management agency that specializes in innovation centers, smart solutions, and ecosystem development. By leveraging their expertise in project management and Information Technology, Kaira Clan helps organizations drive innovation and successfully implement transformative projects.

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Wisso: Driving Business Growth with Expert IT Consulting

Wisso is an IT expert organization that provides IT consulting, partner selection, IoT solutions, and analytics. By offering strategic IT guidance and leveraging advanced technologies, Wisso helps businesses drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and make data-driven decisions.

SmartFleet: Streamlining Fleet Management with SaaS

SmartFleet is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that offers fleet management services. By providing comprehensive solutions for managing fleets, SmartFleet helps organizations optimize their operations, improve asset utilization, and enhance overall fleet performance.

Chartipedia: Fostering Global Knowledge Sharing through Data Visualization

Chartipedia develops a content-sharing platform intended to create a global chart community for knowledge sharing. Through their data visualization solutions, Chartipedia aims to empower individuals and organizations to effectively communicate complex information and insights.

TeamSuccess: Empowering Agile Software Development Teams

TeamSuccess offers tools and services for Agile software development teams. By providing risk management and software engineering solutions, TeamSuccess helps organizations improve collaboration, increase productivity, and successfully deliver high-quality software products.

Viking Theories: Shaping the Future of Mobile Gaming

Viking Theories is a mobile game development company that is pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences. By leveraging their expertise in gaming and Information Technology, Viking Theories aims to create immersive and captivating mobile games that engage and entertain players.

Tecci: Simplifying Software and Web Development Projects

Tecci specializes in software and web development projects, making them easier to manage and more efficient. By offering their expertise in Information Technology and professional services, Tecci helps businesses drive sales growth and optimize their digital operations.

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Diffo: Monitoring Fleet Performance and Profitability

Diffo develops a platform designed to monitor the profitability and performance of fleets through comprehensive software solutions. By leveraging Information Technology and management information systems, Diffo enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their fleet operations.


These 15 Information Technology startups in Finland represent the cutting edge of innovation in various industries. With their groundbreaking solutions and transformative technologies, they are driving Finland’s digital transformation and establishing the country as a hub of technological excellence. From optimizing supply chains to revolutionizing mental healthcare and enhancing cybersecurity, these startups are at the forefront of shaping the future. As Finland’s startup ecosystem continues to thrive, these dynamic ventures will play a crucial role in shaping the country’s technological landscape and fueling its economic growth.

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