Guarding the Digital Realm: Italy’s Top 15 Cyber Security Startups

Showcasing the forefront of innovation in cyber security and data protection within Italy's vibrant startup scene

Memento Labs: Protecting Information and Privacy

Memento Labs is an information technology and services company specializing in cyber security and intelligent systems, safeguarding valuable data and privacy in an increasingly digital world.

Uania: Safeguarding Telecommunications

Uania provides fiber optic and broadband services while also emphasizing cybersecurity, ensuring secure and reliable communications in the modern digital age.

Cybereye: IT Consulting for Cyber Security

Cybereye offers a range of IT services, with a special focus on cybersecurity. Their comprehensive security solutions ensure businesses can operate safely and efficiently.

Workteam: Digital Transformation with Security in Mind

Workteam provides IT outsourcing, process automation, and cloud computing solutions, always with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, allowing businesses to digitally transform with confidence.

Sp-Cybertec: Integrated Solutions for IT Security

Sp-Cybertec offers integrated solutions for IT control and security. Founded by Paolo Simei, the startup enables businesses to have a tighter grip over their digital operations.

HFactor Security: AI-Driven Cybersecurity

HFactor Security leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop innovative cybersecurity solutions, leading the charge in next-gen data protection.

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NF Security: Cyber Threat Intelligence

NF Security provides network and cybersecurity services with a special focus on cyber threat intelligence, helping businesses preemptively counter potential cyber threats.

Silthenia: Blockchain and IoT Security

Silthenia develops IoT and blockchain-based products and services, pioneering security solutions in these emerging digital frontiers.

2AeS Group: Holistic Cybersecurity Solutions

2AeS Group offers a range of IT services, including management software, web design, and cybersecurity solutions, providing businesses with a one-stop-shop for their IT needs.

CybeRefund: Empowering Defense against Cyber Attacks

CybeRefund develops cybersecurity tools that empower both consumers and companies to defend themselves against cyber attacks, democratizing cybersecurity.

One Health Vision: Cybersecurity in Healthcare

One Health Vision develops rehabilitation software and solutions in the medical and therapeutic fields, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare.

Clavis: Cybersecurity and AI

Clavis is an IT firm that develops components and solutions for cybersecurity and artificial intelligence applications, illustrating the convergence of these two vital fields.

Security Solutions for Innovation: Securing the Cloud and IoT

Security Solutions for Innovation is a cybersecurity company that specializes in cloud security and IoT, securing some of the most vulnerable and important areas of our digital lives.

Estreemo: Securing Audiovisual Systems

Estreemo provides software solutions, product engineering, cybersecurity, and networking for audiovisual systems, ensuring secure and seamless multimedia experiences.

Smartech Evolution: Cyber Security and Software Development

Smartech Evolution provides cyber security and software development services, ensuring that the software we rely on is secure and dependable.

These startups are leading the way in Italy’s cybersecurity sector, developing innovative solutions to protect businesses, individuals, and infrastructure from digital threats. They are a testament to the country’s commitment to security in the digital age.

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